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This Is My Rifle: Eminem, Joe Rogan & Internet Activism [Feature]

Ok. I think that I need to clarify and expand on a few things. After my previous article I received a fair amount of feedback from people around the world via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, 90% of which... Read More

Billard ft. Kap G & Doe B - Junkie Artwork

Billard ft. Kap G & Doe B - Junkie [DJBooth Premiere]

Been fiending for more fresh music from Billard ever since he introduced himself with October’s All Eyez on Me? Well, I’ve got good news: today, the Cleveland emcee and producer returns to give y’all another... Read More

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SwizZz - Operator Artwork

SwizZz - Operator

Damn; has SwizZz really gone a year without blessing our front page with a new solo feature? To answer my own rhetorical question, yes—a year and change, actually. On freshly-minted promo single Operator, he makes up for... Read More

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Allan Kingdom - Blast Artwork

Allan Kingdom - Blast

Lately, Allan Kingdom‘s been doing it so big that just watching him and his clique turn up is a Blast. Needless to say, the haters haven’t been able to take their eyes off him. Follow-up to September’s... Read More

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Joyner Lucas - Look Around Me Artwork

Joyner Lucas - Look Around Me

On a promo cut featured last week, Joyner Lucas dazzled listeners in the Booth and beyond by spitting three verses that sounded just as dope Back Words as forwards. The bars he delivers on freshly-minted follow-up Look Around... Read More

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Meet Astro, Hip-Hop’s X Factor [Feature]

When the world gets its first glimpse of you on television, it can be hard, if not impossible, to ever overcome the "reality show star" label plastered to you. But against all the odds, former X-Factor star Astro is... Read More

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2014, The Year I Learned to Say Fuck the Police [Feature]

My parents didn’t believe in profanity around children, they would angrily spell out their curse words if kids were within earshot. My brothers and I only knew radio edits and clean versions. This is when reverse sound... Read More

Bobby V - PBJ Artwork

Bobby V - PBJ

When I think about PBJ, my mind conjures up images of brown bags and elementary-school cafeterias. Bobby V... well, the ideas he associates with the classic sandwich are a little more adult. On his latest single, the Blu... Read More

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Chrisette Michele - Together Artwork

Chrisette Michele - Together

You know two people are in love when they have to do absolutely everything Together; if you want to kick it with one of them, it’s gonna be a package deal. Chrisette Michele‘s seen her share of ups and downs in... Read More

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Lecrae ft. Andy Mineo - Say I Won’t Artwork

Lecrae ft. Andy Mineo - Say I Won’t

Emcees are quick to emphasize their lack of f**k-giving, but their tendency to stick to trendy sounds and safe subject matter tells a different story. In a game full of conformists, Lecrae is an Anomaly, and on his latest... Read More

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Wiz Khalifa - Smoke Chambers Artwork

Wiz Khalifa - Smoke Chambers

Fresh off earning Booth acclaim for whip-ready promo cut Simple Conversation, Wiz Khalifa dials down the intensity on his latest loosie, the languid and introspective Smoke Chambers. Here, an unknown producer transforms... Read More

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Kendrick Lamar Pic

Kendrick Lamar - Untitled (Colbert Report Performance)

Stephen Colbert is closing down his long running show, and tonight he brought on Kendrick Lamar as his very last musical guest. Kendrick predictably rose to the occasion, premiering a currently untitled song (unless the... Read More

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Indie Savage: Crooked I Gets Physical With “Sex, Money & Hip-Hop” [Feature]

There's this thing called the internet, you may have heard of it. It's fundamentally changed how we communicate with people and navigate the world and shop and get our news and read and, of course, how we... Read More

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“PRhyme” is the Most Hip-Hop Album of the Year [Feature]

At The DJBooth we are committed to bringing you real, original, and thoughtful hip-hop commentary; a rare commodity these days. It's literally what Nathan, Yoh, and I devote every waking hour to....that and arguing over... Read More

Jean Grae - underneathu Artwork

Jean Grae - underneathu

The only thing you can ever expect from Jean Grae is the unexpected, which makes her extraordinary release Underneathu, completely ordinary. Or something. More importantly, in the vintage, 80’s style video Jean plays... Read More

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Raz Simone - Out Here Gettin’ Money Artwork

Raz Simone - Out Here Gettin’ Money

On Cheap Money, the “pilot” to the musical miniseries that is Cognitive Dissonance Part 2, Raz Simone told us that “Money means nothing and time means everything.” Now, on episode five, the Seattle representative... Read More

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Ricky Hil - Hear Me Artwork

Ricky Hil - Hear Me

Last we saw him, on an October video single, Ricky Hil was Riding All Night in hopes of outrunning his demons. Well, it seems they’ve finally caught up with him. On his latest single, featured along with Pace... Read More

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