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Stalley - Jackin’ Chevys Artwork

Stalley - Jackin’ Chevys

Stalley may have the money to buy his own whips now that he’s part of the “untouchable Maybach Empire,” but nothing beats the thrill of Jackin’ Chevys right off the street. On his debut set’s latest... Read More

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YP ft. KAM & Sulaiman - Take Flight Artwork

YP ft. KAM & Sulaiman - Take Flight

YP doesn’t need a boarding pass or an aircraft in order to Take Flight; he simply rolls a blunt, lights it up, and he’s 40,000 feet in the air. On a freshly-minted standout off his latest mixtape, the Chicago... Read More

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Logic ft. Childish Gambino - Driving Ms. Daisy Artwork

Logic ft. Childish Gambino - Driving Ms. Daisy

Though I’ve never actually watched Driving Miss Daisy, I will admit to having a slight grudge against it, since it won Best Picture in the same year Do the Right Thing was eligible. (Spike wasn’t even f**king... Read More

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Yelawolf - Primus Freestyle Artwork

Yelawolf - Primus Freestyle

Yelawolf has never been big on respecting genre boundaries—I mean, he did record an EP with Travis Barker—but his latest feature may feature his most eccentric cocktail of sounds to date. For those wondering what inspired... Read More

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Astro - 88 Artwork

Astro - 88

Astro may not have been alive before the fall of the Berlin Wall, but that doesn’t stop him from “bringin’ 88 back” on the latest single off his forthcoming EP. Featured in conjunction with some down-to-earth... Read More

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Rick Ross - Drug Dealers Dream Artwork

Rick Ross - Drug Dealers Dream

It’s been a long, hard road from Rick Ross‘s beginnings as a correctional officer coke dealer to his current stature as the leader of the untouchable Maybach Music Empire. On Drug Dealers Dream, the latest single... Read More

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D’oh Boys: Every Simpsons-Rap Reference Ever [Feature]

If I had my way in college, I would have double-majored in The Simpsons and hip-hop with a minor in napping. Before hip-hop came into my life, The Simpsons is what gave me purpose; Homer was like my other dad. Every... Read More

Elijah Blake - Aqua Static Artwork

Elijah Blake - Aqua Static

Last week, we heard Elijah Blake pay tribute to a chick whose body he just couldn’t seems to get off his mental on Wicked, a single off his upcoming Drift EP. Though “Aqua Static” kinda sounds like the name of a... Read More

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Feature Image

Anderson .Paak Breaks Down His 15 Favorite Songs of All-Time [Feature]

No matter what your relationship is with music - whether you are a DJBooth reader, a blogger, a struggle rapper or a platinum selling artist - we all started out as fans; everyone has those 15-20 songs that... Read More

Nate Good - Drunk Tears Artwork

Nate Good - Drunk Tears

When you can’t be with the one you love, alcohol often seems like a quick fix. Sometimes a few beers or cocktails will chase away the blues, but just as often they’ll exacerbate your condition and you’ll end... Read More

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Kev Decor - Swamp Ass Artwork

Kev Decor - Swamp Ass [DJBooth Premiere]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who’s-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising... Read More

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Rico Love - I Sin Cover

Rico Love - I Sin [Album]

We all stray from the straight and narrow on occasion, and Rico Love is no exception. Unlike most, however, the heavyweight singer-songwriter and producer knows how to turn his transgressions into R&B gold. On digital... Read More

Miny ft. Sincerely Collins & Marathon - Fools Gold Artwork

Miny ft. Sincerely Collins & Marathon - Fools Gold

Colloquially, the term “Fools Gold” is often used to refer to something that initially seems valuable, but is actually worthless. Which is unfair, because pyrite is a dope mineral in its own right. Anyway, what you... Read More

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Homeboy Sandman - Problems Artwork

Homeboy Sandman - Problems

Often, when rappers talk about their Problems, they’re the kind only the richest one percent of their audience will be able to relate to. Homeboy Sandman‘s new single by that title, however, kicks off with an... Read More

Average Rating: 21021
Tona ft. Kayo - Ol Time Sake Artwork

Tona ft. Kayo - Ol Time Sake

If you were around high school age in the late ‘90s, prepare for a serious nostalgia trip. On this freshly-minted promo single, his first feature since March 2013’s Nympho, Tona revisits the music and fashion of... Read More

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Diamond District - First Step Artwork

Diamond District - First Step

While the individual members have brought us a smattering of solo features in the meantime, it’s been a hot minute since we enjoyed a proper feature from DMV threesome Diamond District. If you’ve been waiting for... Read More

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Feature Image

“Views from All Day”: Drake, Kanye & The State of Hip-Hop Leaks [Feature]

Like mixtapes, which are now almost never mixed by a DJ and definitely aren't on tape, the term "leak" has become almost meaningless in 2014. Or more specifically, it's come to mean so many things in so many... Read More


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