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From Biggie to J. Cole, the Incredible Sample Legacy of ESG’s “UFO” [Feature]

This group was popular in the early '80s. This group hails from the South Bronx, the birthplace of hip-hop. This group has been sampled over 400 times by artists of every genre and generation. What does this group look... Read More

Azizi Gibson - preHISTORIC Till Death Cover

Azizi Gibson - preHISTORIC Till Death [Album]

LA-based Booth regular Azizi Gibson has unleashed his debut full-length, preHISTORIC Till Death, which follows up to his The Last EP, released earlier this year. Totaling 18 tracks, the album includes Booth-approved... Read More

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Don’t Forget About NoName Gypsy, She’s Trying [Feature]

The spotlight shines brighter than the sun on a cloudless noon, but who it shines upon changes by the day, at times by the hour. It’ll glow upon both the one-hit wonders destined to dance with the stars and the talented... Read More

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Drake & Future Are Dominating Illegal Album Downloads Too [Feature]

In case it wasn’t already clear, Drake and Future are the two hottest acts in hip-hop this year. Both artists have released a solo album (or “mixtape,” whatever Drake), in addition to their... Read More

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