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Win a Copy of Crooked I’s “Sex, Money & Hip-Hop” (Plus Shirts!) [Feature]

Earlier this week, we ran an in-depth profile on Crooked I and his new Sex, Money & Hip-Hop album, an album that isn't available on the internet, at all, only in physical form. It's Crooked's attempt to bring... Read More

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2014 Best of the Booth Award Nominees (The Complete List) [Feature]

It's like the Source Awards, except no one gets stabbed. It's like the Grammy Awards, except we actually know what we're doing (aka no Iggy Azalea nominations). It's like get the point. The DJBooth... Read More

T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Let Me Thru Artwork

T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Let Me Thru

As a self-proclaimed stoic, T-Pain takes the bad in life with the good, but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna let others stand between him and his goals. On the latest single off his fifth studio album, the Nappy Boy... Read More

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Oswin Benjamin - Drank Artwork

Oswin Benjamin - Drank

Feeling tired after a long day at work? Maybe not, since it’s barely past noon. If your schedule permits, though, here’s a foolproof way to unwind: just pour yourself a glass of your favorite Drank, sit back, and... Read More

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Avenue - Oh Wealth Artwork

Avenue - Oh Wealth

Avenue used to think he had it all figured out. As he’s grown older and wiser, though, he’s found himself with more and more questions, and fewer and fewer answers. On Oh Wealth, single numero uno off his next... Read More

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Russ ft. Squire - Relapse Artwork

Russ ft. Squire - Relapse

Thought you’d broken your addiction to the Booth-approved musical stylings of Russ? Well, I’ve got news for you: you’re about to have a Relapse. Don’t feel bad, though; the DIEMON Records phenom knows... Read More

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Shy Girls - Renegade Artwork

Shy Girls - Renegade

Let’s get a couple things out of the way, right off the bat: Shy Girls is neither female nor plural. In actuality, the buzzmaking artist and producer is a single full-grown man. As for whether he’s shy, I... Read More

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PRhyme Pic

PRhyme - PRhyme Time

What—an album’s worth of near-classic material from two decorated hip-hop vets wasn’t enough for you? Then you, my friend, are one demanding motherf**ker. Lucky for you, though, Royce Da 5’9” and DJ... Read More

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Fabolous ft. French Montana - Ball Drop Artwork

Fabolous ft. French Montana - Ball Drop

I know what you’re thinking: it’s not even Christmas yet, and Fabolous is celebrating New Year’s? In reality, though, it’s not the future but the past the Empire State vet’s concerned with on... Read More

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Chris Brown x Tyga - AYO Artwork

Chris Brown x Tyga - AYO

Nearly half a decade after making their collaborative debut with the Fan of a Fan mixtape, R&B heavyweight Chris Brown and former (?) YMCMB stalwart Tyga are nearly ready to unleash the sequel. On the set’s latest... Read More

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Warm Brew - Can Ya Blame Me Artwork

Warm Brew - Can Ya Blame Me

I don’t know about y’all, but I like to start my morning off with a nice Warm Brew. OK, not really; I prefer my beer chilled and, even on thirsty Thursdays, I try to hold off on the liquor till at least noon, but... Read More

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Cobe Obeah ft. Nneka - True Colors Artwork

Cobe Obeah ft. Nneka - True Colors

Update: The Ifeanyi Njoku-directed visuals for Cobe’s True Colors single has been added. To the unwary observer, Cobe Obeah looks like a talented, thoughtful rhymesayer with an eclectic style. Today, however, the Cali... Read More

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Gunplay ft. Rick Ross - Scuffed Timbs Artwork

Gunplay ft. Rick Ross - Scuffed Timbs

Earlier today, Timbaland graced our front page with his pro·té·gé Tink, and now the super-producer returns behind the boards on Gunplay‘s brand new Scuffed Timbs. Gunplay is well known for his eccentric behavior,... Read More

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What’s the Best Song Hook of 2014? [Feature]

Now that it's almost the end of the year, the Best Of The Booth Awards are in full effect (no Wreckx-n). For the sake of time, importance and our sanity, we narrowed our yearly awards list down to ten categories we... Read More

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2014, The Year I Became an Artist Again [Feature]

When I was 18 I wanted to be an artist. Or more honestly, I didn't know what I wanted to be. Being something never really occurred to me, which felt like something an artist would think. Or not think. I didn't... Read More

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True Romance: My Favorite Love Songs From 2014 [Feature]

Some say romance is dead in the age of Tinder, and they aren’t wrong. My generation will be remembered more for sending nudes via Snapchat and not eternal romance, but that doesn’t mean we are without music that... Read More

The Top Indie Hip-Hop Songs of 2014Playlist Cover

The Top Indie Hip-Hop Songs of 2014 [Playlist]

Welcome to the best indie hip-hop of 2014! Mainstream hip-hop is all well and good - we need some blockbusters and chart toppers after all - but you can’t forget the independent world. Nobody knows that better than us... Read More

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