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Alex Black Explains EMI’s Revolutionary Sample Amnesty [Feature]

If you're a sample-based artist and you're feeling paranoid, you're not paranoid at all. The larger music industry really does view you as a menace, the threat of a lawsuit is a constantly hovering... Read More

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Lying Kanye Says “Yeezus” & “808s” Are Stronger Than “MBDTF” [Feature]

I love Kanye West. Without him I wouldn't be here. He inspires me and nothing he's done has inspired me more than My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. College Dropout will always be number one, my oldest... Read More

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Apple Music Will Have Estimated 3 Million Subscribers, Getting Crushed by Spotify [Feature]

When Apple Music launched many assumed it was now inevitable that the tech giant woul dominate the streaming music space in short order, and it's easy to see why. Many of you are are reading this on a Mac... Read More

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From Biggie to J. Cole, the Incredible Sample Legacy of ESG’s “UFO” [Feature]

This group was popular in the early '80s. This group hails from the South Bronx, the birthplace of hip-hop. This group has been sampled over 400 times by artists of every genre and generation. What does this group look... Read More

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