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Andre Nickatina Raises Over 100K for New Album on Kickstarter [Feature]

The Bay Area has always been a tight circle that supports their own, even when no one else does, creating local legends that might not be known in the mainstream or even on the opposite coast. Names like DB Tha General,... Read More

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Deniro Farrar Enters Our Booth to Feed The Cult (“Bless the Booth” Exclusive) [Feature]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube Another week, another blessing. Following entries from Casey Veggies, Locksmith, Emilio Rojas and, most recently, Chaz French, we have reached the... Read More

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Drake, Nicki & Tyga “Stiffed Out of a Fortune” by Cash Money Records, Lawsuits Mount [Feature]

Cash Money’s shady business dealings are by no means breaking news, but 2015 has seemingly been the year karma finally catches up with Birdman and company.  Though there have been whispers, rumors... Read More

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Mathematical Proof The Game Really Is Hip-Hop’s Most Name-Dropping Rapper [Feature]

As I listened to Game's Documentary 2 last week I felt deluged by name drops. It often felt like Game had simply turned on his phone, opened up his Contacts list and started rapping, and so I wrote... Read More

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LunchMoney Lewis Hit Big With “Bills,” Can He Conquer the Airwaves Again? [Feature]

One-hit wonders are a devastating phenomenon in the music industry. It’s not unusual for an artist to become a relative overnight celebrity, but often dreams of stardom can be blown away by the winds of irrelevancy... Read More

Supa Bwe - The Dead Occasion Cover

Supa Bwe - The Dead Occasion [Album]

In celebration of his birthday, Supa Bwe, a rapper/producer and one-third of Chicago group Hurt Everybody, has dropped off his official debut solo project. Entitled The Dead Occasion, the project serves as a prequel to the... Read More

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