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2014 Rap Albums as Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is the best holiday and it's not even close. Suck it Arbor Day! I mean football, booze, incredible food, more booze, naps, more food, flatulence and more food. That is literally the perfect day...and then... Read More
Posted 3 weeks ago
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Slaughterhouse is the Rap Game Tim Howard

​Working from home definitely has its benefits; no commute, no cubicle, and of course, no pants. Another perk that, sadly, rarely gets utilized is the ability to watch anything on TV in the afternoon. Normally, my TV is... Read More
Posted 5 months ago
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Rap Quiz: 50 Cent Line or “The Wire” Quote?

Here at DJBooth, we like to test your rap IQ every other week. For this week's edition we have combined two of white peoples' favorite things: 50 Cent and "The Wire." In celebration of the most hardened drug dealer turned... Read More
Posted 6 months ago
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50 Cent: Rap Game Dwyane Wade

We told you nothing was going to change.... Only a week removed from the official DJBooth/RefinedHype merger and we are already rolling out a rap/NBA comparison piece? Anchorman obsessed, immature, call us many things but... Read More
Posted 6 months ago
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Who’s The Rap Game John Wall?

Hip-hop and D.C. sports dominate my life. Sure there are friends, family, video games, and Beyonce sprinkled in here and there, but for the most part, it's hip-hop and RGIII's knee (yes I know it's April but RGIII... Read More
Posted 7 months ago
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Who’s The Rap Game Kevin Durant?

It has been more than a month since our last Rap Game comparison piece, but considering our borderline unhealthy obsession with comparing rappers to  things and things to rappers, it feels more like a year. Sure, we like... Read More
Posted 8 months ago


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