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Billion Dollars in an Elevator: The Definitive 2014 Hip-Hop Timeline

Everyday there’s an overload of hip-hop flooding the internet. From banal news to surprise albums to overnight memes, we're drowning in news. Today's BIGGEST THING EVER is tomorrow's "Oh yeah, I forgot... Read More
Posted 5 days ago
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All 93 People Named on J. Cole’s “Note To Self” Outro

Jay did it, Kanye made it famous, and now J. Cole takes his turn at turning the final track on his album into the liner notes. The average fan will likely skip "Note to Self" (aka the last 12 minutes of the outro on "Forest... Read More
Posted one week ago
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Every Producer Drop - An Absurdly Detailed Investigation

Nike, Just Do It... McDonalds, I'm Loving It... Subway, Eat  adequate Fresh... A great tagline can do wonders for your product. Sure, everyone already knows Nike, Subway, and McDonalds, but just hearing... Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago
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All 79 Things Chance the Rapper Hates on “No Better Blues”

1. His Bed 2. His Home 3. His Job 4. His Wife 5. His Kids 6. His Dog 7. The Sun 8. The Rain 9. The Clouds 10. The T.V. 11. The Dinner 12. The Couch 13. The Car 14. The Bus 15. The Road 16. The Bar 17. To Drink 18. To Smoke... Read More
Posted 2 months ago
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Yeah! Louder! From Kanye to Vanilla Ice, the History of the “Long Red” Sample

A few weeks ago I did an absurdly detailed breakdown of the "hey!" vocal sample in James Brown's "Funky President."  Turns out y'all really dug the article because you're gigantic rap nerds very awesome human... Read More
Posted 3 months ago
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D’oh Boys: Every Simpsons-Rap Reference Ever

If I had my way in college, I would have double-majored in The Simpsons and hip-hop with a minor in napping. Before hip-hop came into my life, The Simpsons is what gave me purpose; Homer was like my other dad. Every... Read More
Posted about 4 months ago
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Drake vs. Lil Wayne, an Absurdly Detailed Investigation

Drake and Lil Wayne are currently on their aptly-named Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour, and while the general hip-hop populace might not view the tour as a historical moment (because, you know, this and this and this and... Read More
Posted 4 months ago
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Hey! From Kanye to Gambino, Breaking Down Rap’s Most Popular Sample

Years ago now, when "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" first exploded into our collective ears and I was happily (and obsessively) listening to it note by note, I noticed Kanye using a vocal "hey!" sample on... Read More
Posted 4 months ago
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Even More Porn Stars in Music Videos (NSFW)

UPDATE: Porn Stars in Music Videos: The Playlist (NSFW) I've been writing professionally for almost a decade now, and in that time I've done everything from cover the 2008 presidential election to interview Pusha T.... Read More
Posted about 5 months ago
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After “Seen It All,” Breaking Down Jay Z’s Dope Guest Verse Streak

In three days, it will be America's 238th anniversary. It will also be the one year anniversary of Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail. (One is just a tad more important than the other.) For all the "new rules" mumbo... Read More
Posted 5 months ago

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