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October 7, 2013 Chart Recap*Two new features, Camm Hunter‘s “Fire in the Night” and Danny Brown‘s “Dope Fiend Rental,” debut atop the chart this week. The former front-runners, Xperience‘s “New Religion” and Cryptic …...Read More

Camm Hunter

#1 - Camm Hunter ft. Jared Evan - Fire in the Night

This Monday, Down With Webster rhymesayer Camm Hunter made his solo Booth debut with NLG, a confessional jam which explored the artist's ambivalent relationship with Mary Jane. Three short days later, the situation's improved...Read More

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Danny Brown

#2 - Danny Brown ft. ScHoolboy Q - Dope Fiend Rental

I know what you're thinking: “Drug addicts are dangerous, unpredictable, and not all that fun to be around. Who the f**k would want to buy or lease one?” Luckily for Danny Brown, he isn't actually going into the Dope...Read More

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Vic Mensa

#3 - Vic Mensa - Lovely Day

Today is a Lovely Day round my way: the sun is shining, and the temperature's right in the sweet spot between hot and cool. Here to make it even lovelier is Windy City buzzmaker Vic Mensa, with the latest single off his...Read More

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Rich Quick

#4 - Rich Quick ft. Rakka Iriscience & Reef The Lost Cauze - Travelin' Man (STREECE Remix)

Since this is his DJBooth debut, you can’t blame me for not knowing much about Rich Quick. All I (and you) need to know is that Quick has a co-sign from the legendary Tim Armstrong of Rancid and The Transplants; that makes...Read More

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Cryptic Wisdom

#5 - Cryptic Wisdom - If You Knew

If You Knew how dope Cryptic Wisdom's music was, you'd already have purchased his latest EP. In this special case, however, ignorance really may be bliss—those who still haven't been introduced to the Tucson rhymesayer will...Read More

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Nyzzy Nyce

#6 - Nyzzy Nyce - Nights Like This

Today, the most exciting item on my agenda is catching the series finale of Breaking Bad. If you're looking to end your weekend on a wilder note, however, the latest single from Nyzzy Nyce should put you in the proper mood...Read More

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#7 - Koncept ft. Lollybone - Love Me

I know you don’t know me but, after you check out this cut, you are gonna Love Me. Really, though, all the love should be given to Brown Bag All Stars member Koncept; he is the mastermind behind this refreshing record....Read More

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Dom Kennedy

#8 - Dom Kennedy - Dominic

Dom Kennedy’s forthcoming album was originally scheduled for release on October 1, but after a slight delay is scheduled for liftoff on October 15. While most artists wouldn't bat an eye, Dom has decided to tide over his...Read More

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#9 - 4-Ize ft. Ludacris - It's My Job

Incredibly, It’s My Job to tell our readers about new hip-hop records that are must-listens. 4-Ize, on the other hand, must rap his a** off and represent the ATL properly; both of us are doing our jobs here. While I tell...Read More

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Miami Beat Wave

#10 - Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! & ArtOfficial - WATTUP!

In this day and age, it's rare to have the kind of Neighbors who'll drop by unannounced with a fruit basket or homemade cookies, just to make you feel welcome. Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! and ArtOfficial, however, are all...Read More

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Muigai Hakir

#11 - Muigai Hakir ft. Odeosa - Feelin' You

A buzzmaking emcee hailing from the Bay State, Muigai Hakir makes his grand entrance into the DJBooth with freshly-minted LP single Feelin' You. As the title suggests, this cut finds the unsigned rhymesayer spitting game to a...Read More

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RA Scion

#12 - RA Scion x Rodney Hazard ft. Daniel Blue - Constant

Previously heard contributing guest rhymes to My Way, an April 2011 mixtape cut by Rockwell Powers, Seattle-based emcee RA Scion makes his first foray into the solo Booth spotlight with Constant, a brand new video single off...Read More

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#13 - Curtessy & The Militia ft. Khrysis - One

Nowadays, you can find just about any free album or mixtape on any rap site, but when Cutessy and The Militia’s Expectations project hits the Internet in late October, there is only One place you will find it: right here in...Read More

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#14 - JINX - Alive

After two years with nary a feature from JINX, I was starting to worry that he'd tumbled into an open manhole or fallen victim to some comparable accident. Hey, his name is synonymous with bad luck. I'm happy to announce,...Read More

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#15 - Rapsody ft. Chance The Rapper & Big K.R.I.T. - Lonely Thoughts

As is evident from the often introspective content of her bars, Rapsody doesn't mind spending time alone with her thoughts. Like all of us, though, she does crave company from time to time. On a new single off her latest...Read More

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Blue Sky Black Death

#16 - Blue Sky Black Death ft. Gucci Mane, Deniro Farrar, Nacho Picasso & Mack Shine - Keys

Blue Sky Black Death, the Seattle-based beat crew who brought us Valley of Kings back in May, have just unleashed their latest project, a five-track collection of 10-minute, shoegaze-informed cuts created on a '99 looping...Read More

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#17 - Big SANT ft. Tito Lopez & Big K.R.I.T - Fire Water II

Sadly, we can’t all attend this year's A3C Hip-Hop Festival, which is being held in The Dirty this weekend. Don’t shed a tear, though. With his new, well, sorta new single—it is a remake of the Crooked Lettaz '99...Read More

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#18 - Lungz - Empty Cup

As its title implies, Lungz's latest project was influenced by some “potent potables,” as Alex Trebek might call them. But what exactly is the Windy City repper sipping—top-shelf spirits? Champagne? Purple drank? On...Read More

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#19 - Blu & Nottz ft. Nitty Scott, MC - Boyz II Men

Later this month, West Coast rapper/producer Blu and Norfolk, Va. beatsmith Nottz will be joining forces to drop their debut collaborative EP. Today, we get our first taste of the project in the form of Boyz II Men, a lead...Read More

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Bad Newsz Greatest

#20 - Bad Newsz Greatest - The Birth of Rogue

Saturday just happens to be my birthday, but before I can celebrate another year on this planet I must celebrate The Birth of Rogue. The record, a Booth-exclusive world premiere from Bad Newsz Greatest, is like an early...Read More

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Next Up

Luke Christopher

#21 - Luke Christopher - The Alphabet

Back in 2005, Papoose broke into the rap game with Alphabetical Slaughter, an acclaimed joint which featured the East Coast emcee delivering alliterative bars based on every letter from A to Z. Fast-forward eight years, and...Read More

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Alexander Spit

#22 - Alexander Spit - Eleanor 60

Dubbed “Eleanor” by director H.B. Halicki, the Ford Mustang at the center of Gone in 60 Seconds (the '74 original, not the 2000 remake with Nicolas Cage) is the only vehicle in history to receive star billing in a feature...Read More

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Robb Bank$

#23 - Robb Bank$ - On Me

If you're hip to Denzel Curry’s March feature, Threatz, which featured guest artist Robb Bank$, you might have preemptively grabbed a helmet for Bank$’ solo Booth debut. If you didn't, however, you will leave this cut...Read More

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