November 04, 2012 Indie Hip-Hop Music Chart

November 5, 2012 Chart Recap*Last week’s......Read More

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne - URALYA

Nobody likes a liar, but Tech N9ne takes industry bullsh*t a little more personally than most. As evidenced by freshly-released video single URALYA, any mealymouthed suit unlucky enough to fall into the Strange Music capo's...Read More
Sean Price

Sean Price ft. Pharoahe Monch - BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce may typically be reserved for fall-off-the-bone ribs or succulent grilled chicken, but if New York City emcees Sean Price and Pharoahe Monch want to scatter it on their rhymes then we're perfectly fine with that...Read More
Mac Miller

Mac Miller - These Dayz (Dope Awprah)

In today's accelerated music game, most rising rap stars don't even feel the need to release an album before they start contemplating retirement, adopting alter egoes or announcing that they're not actually rappers after all....Read More
Dom Kennedy

Dom Kennedy ft. Tyga & Juicy J - My Type of Party (Remix)

Back in May , Dom Kennedy painted a lyrical picture of his ideal evening on single My Type of Party. There are few soirees that can't be improved with the addition of a couple more dope emcees; thus, the Los Angeles native's...Read More
Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis ft. Ben Bridwell - Starting Over

Otherside, the very first Booth feature from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, saw the former delivering a brutally honest chronicle of his struggle with addiction, and reflecting on the extent to which pop artists bear...Read More
Ced Hughes

Ced Hughes - Wolfie Benjamin The 3rd

When someone with little talent and less ambition tries his hand at rapping just because it fits with his self-image, the result can be as ridiculous a dog wearing human clothes. To hip-hop heads who've been around the block,...Read More
 Gilbere Forte'

Gilbere Forte - PRAY

Don't let the title of Gilbere Forte's latest video single and EP title track fool you; as a listen to PRAY reveals, the Philly phenom ain't about to get down on his knees for anyone. Here, frequent behind-the-boards...Read More
Hona Costello

Hona Costello - High

What's Booth newcomer Hona Costello's favorite strain of weed? You might as well ask a parent to pick their favorite child. On his latest single, the Cali-based, Chicago-born spitter celebrates just a few of his greatest...Read More
Tayyib Ali

Tayyib Ali ft. Gilbere Forte - Stuntin'

Tayyib Ali's last solo feature, March promo single Dear Lord, found the Philly buzzmaker offering his prayers to those who are struggling just to put food on the table. Today, the buzzmaker returns to express gratitude for...Read More
Sean Price

Sean Price - Bar-Barian

When it comes to rocking the mic, Sean Price is a f**king warrior—a Bar-Barian, if you will. You can blame that terrible pun on the veteran emcee, who adopts the appellation on the latest single off his forthcoming solo...Read More
Kids These Days

Kids These Days - Bud Biliken

Last heard reworking Kanye West's Flashing Lights on a July promo cut of the same title, Windy City crew Kids These Days take inspiration from another local institution on the latest song release off their forthcoming...Read More
Jared Evan

Jared Evan ft. Wax, Tayyib Ali & Emilio Rojas - Charlie Brown (Remix)

On EP single Charlie Brown, Jared Evan revisited his years as an adolescent outcast and bullying victim, comparing himself to the doleful, prematurely-balding protagonist of Charles Schultz' Peanuts comic strips. Needless to...Read More

Mellowhype ft. Frank Ocean - Astro

Some members of hip-hop's latest generation have an agonizing, love-hate relationship with their success. Hodgy Beats and Left Brain of Mellowhype, on the other hand, are having the time of their f**king lives. On their Booth...Read More

Murs x 9th Wonder - Funeral for a Killer

Though MURS and 9th Wonder chose to channel their energy into making dope music, there are those from their respective 'hoods who, though some combination of will and circumstance, took a darker path. Coming on the heels of...Read More

9th Wonder & Buckshot - Stop Rapping

In a world where mic skills paid, Buckshot would be making Rick Ross money. (As for what kind of money Rick Ross would be making, I'll let y'all use your imagination.) In reality, of course, being exceptionally good at what...Read More

Ca$his ft. Royce da 5'9" - 123

With an upcoming project titled The Art Of Dying, it probably wouldn't be wise to expect a record reminiscent of sugar plum fairies and romantic sunsets on former Shady spitter Ca$his' latest release. Instead the record,...Read More

Al-J ft. Spose & Cam Meekins - Above and Beyond

You can count on Al-J to go Above and Beyond the call of duty. For example, not only has the Boston emcee and Blak Madeen member just dropped off his latest solo single at the Booth, but he's given us the exclusive world...Read More
Cool Nutz

Cool Nutz ft. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko - Affiliation

What's Booth newcomer Cool Nutz' Affiliation? Well, while the Portland native and Jus Family artist isn't officially connected with Strange Music, he's clearly got some powerful friends in their camp. On a freshly-minted...Read More

NIQUE - Sorry

NIQUE began his #WoodGrainWednesdays with Be OK, a record begging fans' pardon for his almost year-long hiatus from the rap game. This week, he has another apology to make—to his parents, for airing out some familiar dirty...Read More
Brian Ennals

Brian Ennals - Newport Music

Menthols may be even worse for your health than your average cigarette but, for those who've developed the taste, nothing's quite so refreshing. On his latest single and first Booth feature, Brian Ennals translates that...Read More

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