Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - November 21, 2010

November 22, 2010 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

Nitty Scott, MC

Nitty Scott, MC - I Luv My Life

Recently elevated to online buzzmaker status thanks to a Monster freestyle featuring savage (but apparently unintentional) potshots at Nicki Minaj, Nitty Scott, MC describes herself as a “true backpack rapper with a rocket...Read More
Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton - All Alone

Charles Hamilton is many things, but he is never boring. About a week or so after the-boy-who-called-everything revealed he had cancer, Hamilton drops the (seemingly) appropriately titled single, All Alone. But if you were...Read More

Question? ft. Verse Da Ink - Where I Belong

Finding your place in life is always a matter of intense inner struggle, regardless of how obvious the answers may seem to those around you. Thus, while you and I know full well that Question? belongs in front of a mic, it's...Read More

Goines - The Making of the Black Icon

The 215th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Goines, the Arkansas representative (and Suga City member) who brought us Lead by Example: Leaders are Real People 2 back in May. On...Read More

Eligh ft. Brother Ali & Lisa Ahlstrom - Wake Up

A member of Cali's famed Living Legends crew (which also includes MURS and The Grouch) and a prolific solo artist in his own right, Eligh should, by all rights, already be on your radar. Ever the considerate artist, however,...Read More

REKS ft. Sha Stimuli & Reef The Lost Cauze - Get Rowdy

We all need to blow off a little steam now and then... some of us just build up steam a little more than others. Just one short week after dropping the blistering Pray for You, Boston underground mainstay REKS is ready to...Read More

Orie ft. Derrick Christian - Battlefield

Orie's last feature, Dear Winter, hit the Booth just when it was starting to feel like spring in my city of residence. Sh*t, where did all that time go? Roughly six months later, with the first slushy snowfall of winter 2010...Read More

Freeway ft. Peedi Crakk - Snappa Pow

Growing up in Philadelphia, one of the most monstrous songs I ever heard come out of the City of Brotherly Love was Freeway and Peedi Crack’s Flipside. With Freeway preparing to release his new album, Diamond in The Ruff,...Read More
Arkansas Bo

Arkansas Bo - Monsta

Below the Mason-Dixon and east of the Ouachita Mountains lies Little Rock. East of Little Rock lies…well, nothing until you get to Memphis. Arkansas Bo is trying to prove otherwise. Hailing from Scuttgart, Bo has been...Read More
Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh ft. Naledge & Phil Adé - Living

What's the Hurry, the inaugural leak off Rockie Fresh's forthcoming street album, found the Chi-town native expressing some mild frustration regarding the grind, but don't let that fool you into thinking he doesn't love the...Read More

Vonnegutt - Going Home

Hip-hop bands can be musical artistry or just a straight up hot mess. Our readers know we don’t even bother with the latter, so we (like, totally dude) won’t plague your ears with any Shop Boyz this week. Instead, we will...Read More
 Gilbere Forte'

Gilbere Forte’ ft. Ab-Liva - Push the Bar

Few artists in Booth history have been able to innovate as consistently as Gilbere Forte'; with each feature, the Philly buzzmaker has found a fresh new way to Push the Bar (y'know, pushing the envelope and raising the bar,...Read More

S-Preme - Spitfire

Did you know that the English “Spitfire” (“a person... with a fiery temper”) was originally derived from the Florentine cacafuoco, a compound word meaning... you guessed it... sh*tfire? I sh*t you not – I'm getting...Read More
Emilio Rojas

Emilio Rojas ft. Laura Reed & Voodoo - Champion

Quick, name an emcee who’s been killing every new song he touches. Hmmm…I’d have to go with Emilio Rojas, I’m still trying to catch my breath after hearing his work on the Hold You Down Remix. Ok, now name a producer...Read More
John Regan

John Regan - Reganomics

The 214th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of John Regan, the Baltimore native who recently earned reader acclaim for Suicide ediciuS and Nobody's Somebody. On his brand new,...Read More
Muggsy Malone

Muggsy Malone ft. Lyriciss & K. Sparks - Keep It G With Me

It never fails: just when Muggsy Malone's name has all but faded from my memory, the DMV native pops up again to remind me that he's one of the most talented up-and-comers in the game. The latest entry in the Parkway Kid's...Read More
Jesse Abraham

Jesse Abraham - njoy

The 216th entry in DJBooth and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Jesse Abraham, the Brooklyn up-and-comer who just hooked up with the Booth to drop his highly-acclaimed Bars & NoBULL mixtape. On his...Read More

OnCue - Story of a Lifetime

I don't know about you guys, but I often find that a sandwich pieced together from cold Thanksgiving leftovers is just as delicious as the holiday dinner itself. The same principle doesn't usually hold true for musical...Read More
Rich Kid Sound System

Rich Kid Sound System - Get What You Give

Getting bored with today's pop-music landscape? Starting to feel like you've heard it all? Well, up-and-coming crew Rich Kid Sound System have a message for you: “You Get What You Give.” In return for your attention and A...Read More
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