November 20, 2011 Indie Hip-Hop Music Chart

November 21, 2011 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More


Elite ft. J. Cole - World Premiere

Like many rappers, Elite likes to emphasize the action-packed nature of his grind by comparing his daily life to a movie. Rolling with that metaphor, then, you can think of the DreamVille affiliate's just-released,...Read More
Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park

"Run and tell your mother, motherf*cker." Seriously--if your mother happens to be a Mac Miller fan, she might appreciate knowing that the rap wunderkind just unleashed the title track off his highly-anticipated debut album...Read More
Ceez (Cesar Luciano)

Cesar Luciano ft. The Kid Daytona - Lets Ride

There are few better ways to get to know someone than by hopping in their whip for a leisurely drive—not only does the open road offer plenty of opportunity for conversation, but you get to see how they handle a vehicle,...Read More

Dumbfoundead - Town

Born in Buenos Aires and raised in Mexico and Los Angeles, Booth newcomer Dumbfoundead has learned the layout of quite a few Towns in his lifetime. On this newly-leaked album standout, the Korean American battle-rap...Read More

OnCue ft. Mike Posner - Kinda Late

We haven’t heard much from Mike Posner on the solo tip since the release of his 31 Minutes to Takeoff album (way back in the summer of ’10) but the man’s maintained a presence on our pages by way off the almighty...Read More
Montage Øne

Montage One x Jake One - Find One

Being an artist on the road may be stressful, but it has its perks: you get to see the sights, perform in front of screaming fans, and even enjoy a little groupie love. And if you've got someone waiting for you at home......Read More
DJ Revolution

DJ Revolution - Mr. International

Having rocked club dancefloors throughout Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand as well as across the Americas, DJ Revolution has earned the right to the title “Mr. International.” Precisely what makes him such a hot...Read More
Chris Skillz

Chris Skillz - How I Feel

Introduced to Booth readers via May's Young Man Pt. 2, Chris Skillz is back with the inaugural leak off his junior street release. As you may have guessed from the title, How I Feel finds the Delaware native getting a few...Read More

Koncept ft. Royce da 5'9" - Watch The Sky Fall

Update: Click "Watch Video" above to view the Pace Rivers-directed Watch The Sky Fall video. Mobile users can scroll down. What do you get when you take two emcees from two different crews and bring them together? Well, if...Read More

Rapsody ft. Freeway - A Cold Winter

If you actually listen to Hip-Hop - and not just the five songs repeated on the radio everyday - then you'd know that there are other female rappers besides Onika Maraj. One in particular, Rapsody, has been ripping the mic...Read More
Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Party on Fifth Ave.

With his debut album, Mac Miller has made it his mission to immerse listeners in the sights, sounds and even tastes of his home streets—from the greenery of title locale Blue Slide Park, to the transcendentally tasty...Read More
Donny Goines

Donny Goines ft. Just Blaze, Laws & Jon Connor - Barbarians

From the Mongols streaming into India to Genghis Khan toppling China’s Jin Dynasty (thanks 8th grade history class!) Barbarians have a long and successful history of invading the establishment with their combination of...Read More

Belly ft. Snoop Dogg - I Drink I Smoke

Previously heard hooking up with the West Coast legend to pay tribute to a certain Hot Girl, Ottawa heavyweight Belly celebrates another thing he and Snoop Dogg have in common on new single I Drink I Smoke. Here, Hugo Diaz'...Read More

The RZA ft. Justin Nozuka, Kobra Khan & James Black - Gone

Tomorrow, November 15, it will have been six years to the day since the untimely death of Wu-Tang legend ODB. In memory of his fallen friend and colleague, The RZA has enlisted an eclectic array of collaborators to craft...Read More
The Next

The Next ft. Immortal Technique & Talib Kweli - This American Life

On this week's episode of NPR staple This American Life, the placid Ira Glass discussed the rise of a Schenectady school maintenance man to head of his department, and his despotic reign over the same. It was a fascinating...Read More

MMA - I'll Be Good

MMA may be new to the Booth, but the First in Flight State repper possesses wisdom far beyond his years. Case in point: new single I'll Be Good, which finds beatsmith Deal-a-hunt serving up a retro-informed, sample-driven...Read More

Metis - Get Them Up

Simple as it may seem, raising your arms over your head is actually a complex, multi-step process involving three major muscle groups: the deltoids, the rotator cuffs and the triceps. Accordingly, Metis isn't about to ask you...Read More
K. Sparks

K. Sparks - Nostalgic Lights

Break out your dairy and calendar, today marks a historic occasion. After releasing approximately eleventy-billion consecutive dope tracks (I said approximately) The DJBooth favorite and Freestyle Series OG K. Sparks has...Read More

Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) - Good Good Night [Freestyle]

How do you make a Good Good Night even better? Wrekonize has a few ideas; on this newly-released freestyle, the ¡MAYDAY! emcee puts his own spin on Roscoe Dash's previously-featured single, flexing his lyrical muscles over...Read More
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