Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - May 06, 2012

May 7, 2012 Chart Recap *BRKF$T Club retain their......Read More

Chris Webby

Chris Webby ft. Killa Kyleon - I'm In Here

The last time we heard from Webby he was battling the classic arch-villain that is Bowser, but having apparently rescued the Princess and returned safely back home, Webby is now simply looking to let the world know that I’m...Read More

Rittz - Love Me

While the casual fan may know Rittz as that white guy with the huge hair, or one of the game’s best double-time flow practitioners, or an accomplished amateur birdwatcher (ok, I made that last one up), loyalists of the...Read More
tabi Bonney

tabi Bonney ft. Terri Walker - Castle On a Cloud

Update: Click "Watch Now" above to view tabi's 6ix Shooter-directed "Castle On a Cloud" video. Surfing fans know The Endless Summer as the most classic of classic wave riding flicks, and fans of tabi Bonney now know The...Read More
Krizz Kaliko

Krizz Kaliko ft. Twista & Tech N9ne - Kill Sh*t

I don’t think you can truly appreciate the Strange Music movement until you see it live and in person. My ears are still ringing from Tech N9ne’s recent L.A. show, and next to Tech for every note was Krizz Kaliko, a...Read More
ScHoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q x TiRon - Love Me Not

Music doesn’t always need a purpose. Sometimes two rappers just make a record because the beat sounds nice and they’ve got some rhymes they need to get on track. Case in point, ScHoolboy Q and TiRon’s Love Me Not, a new...Read More
King Mez

King Mez - Reign

In dozens of Booth-featured cuts, an exclusive freestyle and two mixtape releases (The King's Khrysis and The Paraplegics), it's never occurred to me to wonder what King Mez was supposed to be king of. I mean, it'd be sort of...Read More
Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hu$$le ft. Rick Ross - Proud of That

Raised amidst grinding poverty and violent crime, Nipsey Hu$$le managed to work his way out of the 'hood with nothing more than a dollar, a dream and a talent for microphone murder. It goes without saying—but I'm going to...Read More
Kap Kallous

Kap Kallous x Vikto Beats - Fresh

No need to check the expiration date--Kap Kallous and Vikto Beats' latest single is certified Fresh by the DJBooth Board of Inspectors. The first of three world premieres off the collaborators' forthcoming collaborative...Read More
Brother Ali

Brother Ali - Not A Day Goes By

Three hundred sixty-four days out of the year, Brother Ali keeps it humble and positive, focusing on the personal and social issues that matter rather than the petty grievances so many other rappers get mired in. When the...Read More
Times Neue Roman

Times Neue Roman - Sade Is in My Tape Deck

Sade—the very name instantly evokes sensuality, exoticism and sophistication. On their latest video single (originally written as a birthday gift to Ms. Adu), EMI Records twosome Times Neue Roman channel that timeless...Read More

Riz ft. Drake - Waiting Up

Introduced to the Booth via Show You Bout It way back in summer of '08, Riz (not to be confused with R&B singer RIZ) makes his long-awaited return to our pages with new promo single Waiting Up. On this wistful jam, Noah "40"...Read More

Voli - Sweet Sixteen

Gallons of ink have been spilled about the often unsavory representations of women in rap music, and the discussion has been undeniably thought-provoking. Be that as it may, no amount of lucid argumentation can prepare one...Read More

Goose ft. The Medley - Changes

As countless philosophers have noted—my man Heraclitus being one of the first—there's nothing consistent in this world except for change. While that knowledge is reassuring when things are going badly, the flipside is...Read More
Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad - Part III

Don't worry; though Isaiah Rashad's first Booth feature and latest buzz single is Part III of a larger story, listeners should have no trouble jumping into the story in medias res. Here, The Antydote serves up a low-key,...Read More

STS - If I Die Young

While most of the new school is focused on swag and stacking currency, Philly MC (by way of ATL) Sugar Tongue Slim continues to prove that new school MCs can, in fact, stand right in line with the vets. The proof is evident...Read More

Ab-Soul ft. Alori Joh & JaVonte' - Empathy

Need a shoulder to cry on? Ab-Soul's your man. Of course, if you happen to be an attractive woman, you're likely to get a little more than Empathy from the Top Dawg Entertainment repper. Accompanied by the official visuals of...Read More

J NICS ft. ¡MAYDAY! - Blood Money

J NICS' attitude toward the Almighty Dollar can be summed up in four words: easy come, easy go. Having witnessed firsthand the speed with which the winds of fate can change directions, sending one from poverty, to...Read More
SL Jones

SL Jones x DJ Burn One - D.A.R.E

If you're a member of my generation, you likely remember local cops visiting your elementary school to lecture you about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and gang violence. (And, if you were anything like me, it only made you...Read More
Green Street

Green Street ft. Fresh Daily & Ken Ross - Cascades

Summer's just around the corner, and you know what that means: it's time to start compiling breezy warm-weather jams for your seasonal playlists. To get you started, I present Cascades, the latest single selection off Green...Read More
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