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May 6, 2013 Chart Recap*Last week’s top two, Tory Lanez’ “Hate Me on the Low” and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” drop to, respectively, sixth and fifth. Taking their place are …...Read More


#1 - ¡MAYDAY! - Shots Fired

Everybody hit the ground—we've received reports of Shots Fired in The DJBooth. The perpetrators: a sextet of young Miami natives bearing an uncanny resemblance to Booth-acclaimed hip-hop crew ¡MAYDAY!. In fact, I'm pretty...Read More

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Joey Fatts

#2 - Joey Fatts ft. A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown - Choppa

Joey Fatts may be a new face in the Booth but, assuming that birds of a feather flock together, a glance at the feature lineup on Choppa should be enough to turn your average Booth reader into a fan. Of course—to bust out a...Read More

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Chance the Rapper

#3 - Chance The Rapper ft. Childish Gambino - Favorite Song

Though giving the project a spin is high on my agenda, I have to confess that I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and listen to Chance the Rapper's new mixtape all the way through, much less select a Favorite Song....Read More

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#4 - Ab-Soul ft. Mac Miller - The End Is Near

Ab-Soul has seen the future, and it ain't looking too bright... for sucker emcees, anyway. On new promo single The End Is Near, the TDE solider informs his competition that they aren't long for this world. After prophesying...Read More

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Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

#5 - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us

When we first featured Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Can't Hold Us, back in August of 2011, the Seattle duo were just a minuscule blip on the national radar. Three years later, with a Billboard number one hit under their belts...Read More

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Tory Lanez

#6 - Tory Lanez - Hate Me on the Low

In this day and age, it seems as though hating is a full-time job. Some haters like to go all Chappelle's Show (Player Haters Ball) with it, taking pride in knocking someone else’s success. Haters of Tory Lanez, however,...Read More

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Casey Veggies

#7 - Casey Veggies ft. Juicy J - Young Ni**as

Casey Veggies and Juicy J don’t seem like two peas in a pod to me. Veggies seems like the kind of guy who would rather roll up a few with some good friends than hit the club, which is where Juicy J basically lives. I guess...Read More

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Mac Miller

#8 - Mac Miller - S.D.S.

Sixteen months after the release of smash-hit debut set Blue Slide Park, Mac Miller has liberated the lead single off studio album number two. S.D.S. (Somebody Do Something) reveals that the introspective, occasionally...Read More

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Reckonize Real

#9 - Reckonize Real ft. Torae, M-Dot & Tribeca - The Business

If real recognize real, then the real among our readers are sure to recognize Reckonize Real. Based on his latest record, I reckon Reckonize Real is as real as they come. Tongue-twisters aside, I think ya'll will agree that...Read More

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Wally Left

#10 - Wally Left - Came of Age

At 24, I think I am starting to (finally) become an adult. How do I know? When I see kids who are in their late teens, I actually think they are young. I got this same feeling after I found out that Wally Left just turned...Read More

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#11 - Rittz - Like I Am

If it feels like only yesterday Rittz stepped into the Booth with the Mike Posner-assisted Switch Lanes, well, that's because it was yesterday. But, considering the level of acclaim the Strange Music emcee routinely receives...Read More

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Tuki Carter

#12 - Tuki Carter ft. Wiz Khalifa - She Said

While “That’s what she said!” jokes seem to have jumped the shark, a properly-placed knee slapper is still good for a few laughs. For instance, Tuki Carter goes hard on his new song… that’s what She Said! Okay, so...Read More

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#13 - Rittz ft. Mike Posner - Switch Lanes

For Real, the reader-acclaimed lead single off Rittz' Strange Music debut album, found him departing from his trademark confessional bars to (in the words of one Richard) “[wild] the f*ck out over a hot beat.” Having...Read More

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Run The Jewels

#14 - Run The Jewels (Killer Mike x El-P) - Get It

Did R.A.P. Music, Killer Mike's 2012 full-length with El-P, leave you hungry for more? Then you'll be happy to hear that, not only do the twosome have another project in the works, but they've taken their collaborative...Read More

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R.A. The Rugged Man

#15 - R.A. The Rugged Man ft. Hopsin - Underground Hits

When you think about classical performers like Mozart, an artist like R.A. The Rugged Man probably does not come to mind. His grimy persona and even grimier flow wouldn't go over well in Mozart’s refined, sophisticated...Read More

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Phil Adé

#16 - Phil Adé ft. Bun B - 2AM

They say nothing good happens after midnight but, from the sound of Phil Adé’s latest feature, 2AM seems to be a time of peak productivity for the DMV emcee. On ode to post-party/club shenanigans, Adé showcases his...Read More

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#17 - A-1 - Summertime Sadness

For many, the word “summer” evokes pleasant images of bright sunshine, long, lazy days and outings to the beach. In neighborhoods plagued by gun violence, however, the correlation between rising temperatures and increased...Read More

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#18 - Bas - Black & Blue

Upon Googling Clams Casino, the New Jersey producer behind Bas' latest Booth feature, I discovered that "Clams Casino" is also a savory dish wherein the crustacean is baked with bacon. While his name might sound a little odd...Read More

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#19 - Revalation ft. Dominique Larue - Here We Go

When I hear the saying “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours,” I usually think of shady business, like politicians making backroom deals or a cop taking a bribe. However, not all back-scratching is driven by...Read More

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Jeff Chery

#20 - Jeff Chery - Three Headed Monster

For most emcees, holding down one city is responsibility enough. Jeff Chery, on the other hand, has taken it upon himself to rep not one, but three 'hoods—four, if you count his birthplace. On his latest single, making its...Read More

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#21 - Locksmith ft. Anesha - Stand It

Locksmith's last mixtape single, Bear With Me, saw the Golden State native stretching out on the proverbial couch for a mic therapy session. Evidently, working through his baggage in the booth paid off; on newly-released...Read More

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Chuck Inglish

#22 - Chuck Inglish - Drops

Last heard trading verses with Lone Star State buzzmaker Travis$ Scott on March's Back It Up (Remix), ex-Cool Kid Chuck Inglish returns to kick his solo career into high gear with the lead single (and partial title track) off...Read More

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Donwill (of Tanya Morgan)

#23 - Donwill - Miserable

You might not guess it from the extent to which NYC is glorified in hip-hop and other media, but life in the Big Apple ain't for everybody. In fact, if you're not built for the big city, the sky-high rents, sardine...Read More

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