Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - March 06, 2011

March 7, 2011 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

The Dean's List

The Dean’s List - Dear Professor

Individuals able to pursue an artistic vision while maintaining an uncompromising standard of excellence at work and/or school have always been a mystery to me as a normal, fallible human being. What's the secret to achieving...Read More

AudioDax - Let it Fly

The bad thing about being on the cutting edge of the pop zeitgeist is that by definition, just about everyone else is lagging behind. Not even a group like AudioDax, whose unique electro-hop sound screams “hit potential,”...Read More
Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Donald Trump

I have to admit that before I started this write-up I wasn’t particularly familiar with Mac Miller's music. You can now consider me one of an ever-growing group of converts. Signed to Rostrum Records, a label that has...Read More

Wax - Mary

I think Wax missed his Oscar for "Best Script" last night at the Academy Awards. Seriously. Purpose and plot belong in music just as much as it belongs in film, and hip-hop has had a gang of folks sweep the scene with stories...Read More

Rittz ft. 8Ball - Pie

I think it’s fair to say that Yelawolf helped put his Slumerican homey Rittz on the map, but once placed on said map, it’s completely up to Rittz to stay there and expand his territory. Did that metaphor make any sense?...Read More
Shane Eli

Shane Eli - When We Were Kings

Click "Listen Now" above to watch Eli's "When We Were Kings" video. If the dictionary were to inexplicably start using pictures of rappers to illustrate abstract nouns, then you'd see Shane Eli's face sitting right next to...Read More

CunninLynguists ft. Freddie Gibbs - Hard As They Come (Act I)

If the Cunninlynguists and Freddie Gibbs were a drug, they'd be crack cocaine; if they were a mineral substance they'd be lonsdaleite; if they were an NES game, they'd be Battletoads. In other words, the Kentucky mainstays...Read More
Clyde Carson

Clyde Carson ft. Game & Jimmie Reign - Somethin’ to Speak About

Unless you’re a loyal fan or you’ve got his collab with Goapele on constant repeat in the crib, like yours truly, chances are you haven’t heard from Clyde Carson in a minute (his last Booth feature, I’m Lost, was way...Read More

Atmosphere - Just for Show

Long time torch bearers for Minnesota hip-hop Slug and Ant (affectionately known as Atmosphere) finally return in full length form. Good thing because I was starting to forget how good When Life Gives You Lemons was. It’s...Read More
Muggsy Malone

Muggsy Malone ft. Novel - Live Life

As the DMV representative and DJBooth regular Muggsy Malone says in the intro to his new song Live Life, “you only get one shot.” Too true. Maybe it’s that need for perfection that’s pushed back his The TPK Album for...Read More
Zion I & The Grouch

Zion I & The Grouch ft. Silk E - Rockit Man

Released last fall, Zion I's acclaimed seventh full-length saw the Oakand duo exploring “...esoteric and unseen levels of existence” (to quote their In the Mix interview). Evidently, the cosmic head-trip that was Atomic...Read More

Nameluss - Rock My Soul

Beautiful faces and flawless bodies aren't exactly a dime a dozen (in fact, they can be downright exorbitant when not achieved through natural means), but Booth newcomer Nameluss nonetheless demands something more from a...Read More
Yung Texxus

Yung Texxus a.k.a. Mista Green - Invincible

The 234th entry in and StreetAmmo's Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Yung Texxus, the Lone Star State native who recently earned reader acclaim for Tom Hardy collab The Blue Dream. On his brand new,...Read More
Rapper Big Pooh

Rapper Big Pooh ft. Carlitta Durand - Freebasin'

Don't worry, kids – Little Brother alum Rapper Big Pooh hasn't picked up any unsavory habits since parting ways with Phonte and 9th back in 2010. The title of new mixtape single Freebasin' simply refers to the fact that the...Read More
The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids - Bundle Up

When The Cool Kids first broke onto DJBooth’s pages, way back in 2007 with Black Mags if you can believe it, it seemed like only a matter of minutes until we were hit with their debut album. Three years and a long string of...Read More
Mike Schpitz

Mike Schpitz - Gettin' It

Slow money, fast money, old money, new money, red money, blue money... sorry to get all Dr. Seuss on y'all, but the point bears emphasis: any kind of money that exists, you can be damned sure Mike Schpitz is Gettin' It....Read More
Jon Connor

Jon Connor ft. Styles P & Scram Jones - Epic (Remix)

Upcoming Freestyle Series entrant Jon Connor released his Vinnie Chase Season 1 mixtape last fall. Now, roughly six months later, the Flint, Michigan native has remixed one of the stand out tracks from the street album....Read More

Yonas - Fall Back

After more DJBooth approved features than I can count (and frankly I’m not a very good counter), you’d think that Yonas wouldn’t have any doubters left – but just in case there’s a skeptic or two still breathing,...Read More

Grynch ft. Jon Hope & La - Timeless

Over the course of Booth history, Mike Dreams, Truck North, Costell and Pol B have each earned good-to-great reader reviews for joints with the word “Timeless” in the title. Have they held up as well as the artists...Read More
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