Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - July 29, 2012

July 30, 2012 Chart Recap* For a second straight......Read More

In an age of copy and paste rappers it's rare that I get to say this, but there really isn't anyone else out there like Hopsin. Maybe you know him as the guy with the white eyes, maybe you know him...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Chris Webby
Update: Click "Watch Video" above to view the Wait A Minute video. Mobile users can scroll down. Although Freestyle Series Alum Chris Webby has been absent from the Booth since May release I'm In...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Iggy Azalea
After hanging with the "Toddlers & Tiaras" crowd over the weekend for a little Murda Bizness, Grand Hustle rapper Iggy Azalea keeps the ball rolling with the release of her newest record Flash. The...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Over the years a lot of artists have claimed to be so bad that they danced with the devil, but how many could say they're so twisted even Satan himself can't handle them? Only one, actually, and his...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Eddy B & Tim Gunter
While North Carolina musical duo Eddy B and Tim Gunter may be relatively new to the Booth, previous features Underdog and Tomorrow have both received quite the welcome (both records boast at least a...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Romance is in the air, Booth readers—can you hear it? (If not, then hitting “play” might help.) The follow-up to late May's Guns N Roses, a heartbroken jam which saw the rapper/producer...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
When I first saw that G-Eazy had titled his new single Plastic Dreams I wondered if he was referring to dreams of limitless credit cards, women so flawless they look industrially made, or both. Turns...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
There's been a lot of talk about the Illuminati in hip-hop lately, and here to add fuel to that already blazing fire is Kydd, who is sure to get hip-hop conspirators talking with new single The...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Strong Arm Steady Gang
Fair warning, this one is iller than an ebola outbreak. For Strong Arm Steady's new cut Fair Fight the L.A. trio grabs a beat from Boston godfather Statik Selektah that would have even invertebrates...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Even the flyest rapper is nothing without a first-class female to ride shotgun. On the latest single off his forthcoming mixtape, Prodigy invites a suitably alluring shawty to become his Co-Pilot,...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
First, Miami is lost to face-eating zombies, now there is a threat to all mankind coming from Vancouver. His name is Madchild, and he's an absolute Monster. On the heavy-hitting, brash video single...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Often it’s the most thoughtful, seemingly mellow dudes who can really snap when pushed. Case in point, SkyBlew, the usually soulful emcee who shifts into banger mode for new release For a Minute....Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Sir Michael Rocks
Following Booth-approved feature Now You Do, Windy City emcee Sir Michael Rocks gives us a closer look into the Lap Of Lux with his latest single. On Can't Hide It The Cool Kids emcee enlists the...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Macklemore x Ryan Lewis
UPDATE: Click "Watch Video" for the brand new visuals to Same Love. While still a long, long way from becoming part of the mainstream, hip-hop's acceptance of gay rights is undoubtedly on the rise;...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Da Youngfellaz
Update: Click on the "Watch Video" button above in order to view Incognito's visual. In preparation for next week's release of their Sophisticated Ignorance EP, New York City duo Da YoungFellaz are...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
On many a hip-hop song the words "we got one" have been emphatically proclaimed, but the end result is sometimes less than desirable. For instance, Booth fave Rapsody's latest single NonFiction beings...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Mac Miller
Not so long ago it would have seemed impossible to hear a white kid from Pittsburgh making a project with hit maker extraordinaire Pharrell, but in 2012 the duo makes a strange sort of sense. Dropping...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
Al Great
One day, yet two different takes on what those Summer Nights sound like. While K.V.’s Summer Nights was hot yet laid back, Al Great ups the energy, turning his Summer Nights into a certified banger....Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
While newcomer D'Lorin may have a lot to prove on his Booth debut A.S.A.P. (Always Strive And Prosper) , you have to admit that the Cali native is already off to the right start by scooping up a verse...Read More
Posted 3 years ago by DJ Z
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