Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - July 25, 2010

July 26, 2010 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

Sammy Adams

Sam Adams ft. Curren$y - Fly Jets Over Boston

With his past features, Driving Me Crazy and Heads Will Roll (Remix), iTunes-famous up-and-comer Sam Adams had the Booth's resident pop-lovers humming along, but our pickier regulars remained unconvinced of his staying power....Read More
K. Sparks

K. Sparks ft. JD - Kickin Rhymes

When you're as good at what you do as reader favorite, freestyle series contributor and all-around on-the-mic powerhouse K. Sparks, do you really need a concept in order to craft a high-caliber cut? Nah – for proof, just...Read More

Crooked I - Everythang

Most emcees are willing to stretch the truth a little (or a lot) for the sake of a good rhyme – not Crooked I. As the West Coast underground mainstay explains on the lead single off his forthcoming EP, “I'm doin'...Read More
Fuze The Mc

Fuze The Mc ft. Talibah - Lullaby

It's been a minute – almost six months, actually – since we've heard from Fuze The Mc – what's the Southern up-and-comer (and exclusive freestyle series contributor) been up to since this past February, when he hooked...Read More

XV - Gettin' BiZzy

Being Mr. “Wait, how isn’t that dude signed!?” is nice, but it can only last so long. While XV’s built a fiercely loyal fanbase around his innovative lyrical and creative style (see his last feature T.A.L.K.) so far...Read More
Jason James

Jason James (WEB) - Fame Us [Premiere]

After It Feels Right, the alcohol soaked track from Jason James (a.k.a. Web) that was met with rave reviews from the Booth community, the best emcee to ever come out of Vancouver is back with another offering, the haunting...Read More
Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs ft. Chuck Inglish, Chip tha Ripper, Bun B & Dan Auerbach - Oil Money

I’m not going to front. When I first saw that Freddie Gibbs has released a new track titled Oil Money I was nervous. Could Gangster Gibbs have finally sold out and crafted some Arab Money-esque joint for the radio? Nope,...Read More
Chris & Neef

Chris & Neef - We Bak

Young Chris and Neef Buck may have traded their former stage name, “Young Gunz,” for the self-explanatory "Chris & Neef," but listeners worried that the switch signifies a departure from the twosome's hard-nosed roots can...Read More

Jinx - F.I.L.A.

After reading the title of Massachusetts-bred Booth newcomer Jinx's new single, you might be expecting an ode to the popular sportswear company, or perhaps a track centered around a (probably F-bomb-containing) acronym. The...Read More
Aleon Craft

Aleon Craft ft. Nappy Roots - A Different World

Even if you’re from Alaska, I’m sure you’ve got a good taste of the South’s sounds in your music repertoire. However, there’s a major distinction between listening to the music and truly experiencing the region they...Read More
Jason James

Jason James - If It Feels Right [Premiere]

How much do Web and I.D.E.A. believe in their new project Marvelous World of Color? So much that they’ve decided to forgo their musical aliases and promote the project via their government names: Jason James (Web) and...Read More
D.C. Don Juan

D.C. Don Juan - Hands Up

Don't let the stage name fool you: D.C. Don Juan may have borrowed his moniker from literature's most legendary womanizer, but those who assume the Booth newcomer's a lover rather than a fighter may be surprised by the...Read More
Pharoahe Monch

Pharoahe Monch ft. Mela Machinko - Shine

Any day with new Pharoahe Monch is a good day, and in the immortal words of Ice Cube, today is a good day - plus I didn’t have to use my AK. Other than the occasional guest verse (The Matrix, Hurt U), it’s been nearly...Read More

STS ft. Donwill - Sole Music (Remix)

Why do some guys stand in line for hours to pick up the latest Yeezy’s or Space Jam Jordans? One word – passion. Passion to be the freshest guy out, passion to have the latest gear, and passion that your gear will attract...Read More
 Gilbere Forte'

Gilbere Forte' - Take One x Dawn

There's restlessly creative, and then there's... well... then there's Gilbere Forte'. No longer content to switch everything up from one Booth feature to the next, the Philadelphia up-and-comer has decided to make his latest...Read More
Rapper Big Pooh

Rapper Big Pooh & M-Dot - No Surrendering

Now that Little Brother is no more, is Rapper Big Pooh going to set down the mic and take a breather? Don't be “redic!” Not only is the North Carolina native hard at work on the solo tip, he's also been cooking up plenty...Read More
Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar ft. Jhené Aiko - Growing Apart

What? No Rick Ross premiere today? Don’t fear Booth heads, west coast emcee and DJBooth Freestyle alum Kendrick Lamar is back with a breezy fresh tune for our earholes guaranteed to satisfy your daily dose of dopeness....Read More

1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) - The Lottery

Craving some pure, uncut underground freshness – you know, the kind of music that the phrase “real hip-hop” was invented to describe? Well, you've hit the jackpot. Today, The Darkest Cloud duo 1982 are back on our front...Read More
Muggsy Malone

Muggsy Malone - There's a Chance [Premiere]

Seeing that it's been more than half a year since the Parkway Kid's last solo feature, There's a Chance that some of our regulars may have forgotten just how brilliant Muggsy Malone's mic skills are – if that's the case,...Read More
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