January 08, 2012 Indie Hip-Hop Music Chart

January 9, 2012 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

Brother Ali

Brother Ali - Writer's Block

Some folks drop tracks daily and projects weekly as quantity takes priority over quality. Not Brother Ali. He's one of those emcees that's deliberate in what he releases and when. As Ali says right from the beginning on his...Read More
Jean Grae

Jean Grae - U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow

All signs are pointing to the new year starting off on the right foot. Just three days into 2012 and we've got a new single along with the promise of a new album from Brooklyn emcee Jean Grae. Anyone familiar with Grae can...Read More
Luke Christopher

Luke Christopher - Blue Skies

If the weather round your way is anything like it is is in my city of residence (cold, gray and did I mention cold?), I'm guessing you could use a little Cali sunshine in your life. Well, you're in luck—here to brighten up...Read More
Marion Write

Marion Write ft. S.B. - Radio

Even the best-matched relationships can end in tears when one party is looking to commit, and the other can't countenance being tied down. Case in point: Ve3gas rhymesayer Marion Write, who expresses his hope that his...Read More

SmCity ft. Oddisee & Phil Ade - Mr. IDGAF

In the market for a f**k? Then you're gonna want to look elsewhere, because nary a one is given on SmCity's latest effort (though perhaps, if you asked nicely, he could spare a sh*t or a damn). So proud of his ability to...Read More
ScHoolboy Q

ScHoolBoy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar - Blessed

Life hasn't always been easy for ScHoolboy Q but, when he considers the plight of many of his peers, the Top Dawg rhymesayer feels downright Blessed. The latest leak off the L.A. native's forthcoming full-length, this...Read More
Chris Webby

Chris Webby - Fragile Lives

Everyone you know, including yourself, will eventually die, it’s only a question of when. Now that I’ve kicked off this blurb in the most depressing manner possible, allow Chris Webby to step in and ease your looming...Read More

GhostWridah - Buzzer Beater

In both rap and b-ball, pulling off a truly stunning victory isn't simply a matter of scoring more points than the other guys; you've got to keep the fans on the edge of their seats throughout the game, clinching your win at...Read More
Terence Ryan

Terence Ryan - Skeleton (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Remix)

In the early days rock and hip-hop lived side by side and never did the two meet…unless you count Aerosmith kicking a hole in the wall to yell at Run DMC. But in 2012 the lines between hip-hop and, well, every other genre...Read More
HBK Gang

HBK Gang - She Ready

Seen any unfamiliar numbers from California area codes on your girl's phone? There's a good chance the culprit might be a member of the aptly-named HBK (Heartbreak) Gang. On their latest single and first Booth feature, crew...Read More
Kid Ink

Kid Ink ft. Schoolboy Q - Get Into the Moment

In the mood to celebrate, but need a little assistance achieving an appropriately carefree mindstate? Kid Ink has stepped into the Booth with a little something to help you Get Into the Moment. This party-ready promo single...Read More
Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat

A fresh, bracing and defiantly real release from an artist whom many had previously pegged as a comedy rapper, Childish Gambino's debut LP seems destined to be remembered as one of 2011's dopest surprises. For those who still...Read More
Chrome Cats

Chrome Cats - Celebration

Introduced to the Booth with September's reader-approved Catch Me, Vallejo-repping duo Chrome Cats return to our pages with a newly-released single off their forthcoming digital full-length. On Celebration, beatsmith Andreas...Read More

KaliRaps ft. REKS & Novel - Exhale

Whatever the nature of your hustle, it's important to take the occasional break from the grind and just inhale... Exhale. Well aware of the necessary of staying calm and centered while pursuing one's dreams, Kali begins his...Read More
Joell Ortiz

Joell Ortiz - I Tote Guns

This Friday DJ Ted Smooth is going to release Retox, a project that mixes classic Dr. Dre beats with new verses from various artists. On the latest Retox release, Smooth taps Joell Ortiz to rhyme over Dre’s Keep Their...Read More
The Physics

The Physics ft. Grynch - After Effect

However consequence-free a fling may seem, there are invariably unexpected (and often nasty) After Effects. Just ask Thig Natural, Monk Wordsmith and Just “Justo” D'Amato, together known as The Physics. On their latest...Read More

REKS - Autographs

REKS' allegiance has always been to the gritty, lyrically-driven side of the East Coast sound, but he doesn't let his underground bona fides keep him from enjoying life's finer things. On newly-released album lead single...Read More
Bad Newsz Greatest

Bad Newsz Greatest - Aurora Borealis

What does Aurora Borealis, a meteorological phenomenon in which the collision of energized particles with atoms high up in Earth's atmosphere gives rise to dazzling patterns of light in the sky, have to do with Aurora...Read More

BAMBU - None Left

BAMBU never fails to raise tough questions in his records, and freshly-released promo single None Left finds the up-and-comer dropping some of his most incisive, timely bars to date. Here, Josh the Goon's gritty production...Read More
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