Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - February 19, 2012

February 20, 2012 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

The Pro Letarians

The Pro Letarians - Church

Hope you've all got your Sunday best laid out on the bed, because The Pro Letarians are taking us to Church. Fresh off threatening to blow up the game (and collect their 33 Vergions) on their late-January Booth debut, the...Read More

M.i - NoThing

“A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, but signifying NoThing.” Though Macbeth was describing life itself in his famous quote, as far as M.i is concerned, the Scottish king could have been referring to your...Read More

Hi-Rez ft. Kyle B - Music In Me

If you cut Hi-Rez, you'd hear a boom-bap rhythm drifting through the air. Shortly thereafter you'd hear police sirens, because you just committed aggravated assault and battery—but the point is, the Panhandle State spitter...Read More

OnCue - Rich Kid

Update: Click "Watch Now" above to view OnCue's Adam Ross-directed "Rich Kid" video. Some Rich Kids got gifted BMVs on their 16th birthday, but I had to work at the local sub shop for two summers just to buy my own used...Read More

Rittz ft. Nikkiya - Paradise

I know what you're thinking: “A video from Rittz, and it's titled 'Paradise'? There must be a catch.” Nope—while the Slumerican/Strange Music emcee's past output has always focused on gritty reality over glittering...Read More
Radical Something

Radical Something - Valentine (Cut Me Loose)

Right about now couples on the East Coast are just sitting down to a (almost assuredly) dinner, while my west coast lovers are showering in preparation for their own romantic rendezvous. But somewhere out there there’s a...Read More
Zak Downtown

Zak Downtown - Cupid

Still in the Valentine's Day spirit? Good, because Zak Downtown's back in the Booth with a holiday-themed promo single we didn't get around to featuring on Tuesday. On Cupid, Emil and Friends' grinding electronic grooves bang...Read More
K. Sparks

K. Sparks - Black

For K. Sparks, being “Black” is about more than a simple quantity of melanin (or a penchant for absorbing light rays). It's shorthand for an entire state of mind, a drive to succeed, an intimate familiarity with the...Read More
Imagine That

Imagine That ft. Shyheim & Block McCloud - Why Try

In your mind's eye, visualize a talented hip-hop crew made up of two brothers from Westchester, N.Y. On second thought, you don't actually have to Imagine That; eNVy and Mike Love do in fact exist, and they've stepped into...Read More

M3 x Zumo Kollie ft. Skyzoo - The Get Away

Update: Click "Listen Now" above to watch M3 and Zumo Kollie's "The Get Away" video. When it comes to pulling off a heist, getting to the loot is only half the battle; you've still got to give the authorities the slip and...Read More

Skyzoo ft. KayCola - #Anxious

In honor of Valentine's Day, Skyzoo has cooked up a little something for his female fanbase. On #Anxious, previously-featured duo Christian Rich cook up a glossy synth instrumental to back the Brooklyn flame-spitter as he...Read More
SL Jones

SL Jones - Wave Runner

For all the songs about expensive whips, personal watercrafts seem to get little love in the game. SL Jones, however, is looking to change that with his latest feature. On EP outtake Wave Runner Booth-approved DJ/producer...Read More
Smokey Robotic

Smokey Robotic ft. Redman - No Reality (Remix)

Released last September to rave reviews, No Reality was the capstone to a dope 2011 for Smokey Robotic. Now, the ever-innovative crew have returned to kick off 2012 with an equally fresh remix of the same, featuring an...Read More
Ski Beatz

Ski Beatz ft. Mac Miller & Locksmith - Time Goes

In a day and age where rappers use fifteen different producers on a fifteen-track album, it’s actually a refreshing return to hip-hop tradition to hear an album where the producer holds center stage and the rappers orbit...Read More
Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks ft. Jeremih - Miss Jane

A player Sir Michael Rocks may be, but there's one woman he always seems to come running back to. On the final single/video off his latest street album, the Cool Kids rhymesayer pays loving tribute to Miss Jane, the girl who...Read More
Young Scolla

Scolla ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Big Sant - Take What's Mine

A lot of people are content to sit back and wait for life to give them everything they desire, laying on the couch with one hand tucked into their sweatpants and the other open, just waiting for someone to fill it. Not Young...Read More
Kinetics & One Love

Kinetics & One Love x Rafter - No F**king Around (Remix)

Shenanigans, tomfoolery, hanky panky, funny business... all things you will hear none of Kinetics' latest feature. OK, some hanky-panky may be involved—but in any case, there's absolutely No F**king Around. Off Kinetics &...Read More
Brother Ali

Brother Ali ft. Phonte & Stokley Williams - I'll Be Around

Loves may come and go, but Brother Ali is here to stay. On I'll Be Around, a standout cut off his new EP, the Twin Cities stalwart reassures a woman left stressed by his itinerant lifestyle, flowing over the smooth, laid-back...Read More
Will Brennan

Will Brennan ft. J NICS - White Man's World

Black president or no, we're still living in a White Man's World. Having exposed the (literal) whitewashing of world history to efface the achievements of African antiquity on the previously-featured This Land, Will Brennan...Read More
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