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February 1, 2010 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s Top Independent Hip Hop Chart! As always, your feedback has determined which songs made the cut. Each chart’s lineup is calculated using a special …...Read More


#1 - Dre-Ski - Why We Hustle

On his last non-freestyle feature, It's Getting Old, Dre-Ski sounded a little exasperated with the unceasing grind that comes with being an up-and-coming emcee. Fortunately for the Virgina Beach native and his fans, new...Read More

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#2 - Fly Gypsy - I Want It All (Remix)

Judging by Booth feedback on the Cash Money head honcho's past features, many are of the opinion that Birdman's records succeed in spite of, not because of the headliner's contributions. Here to put that hypothesis to the...Read More

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K. Sparks

#3 - K. Sparks ft. Tina Quallo - One Wish [Exclusive]

In light of the unfathomable pain that has recently been afflicted upon those in Haiti, many are sympathetic, compelled to feel pity for the victims of the disaster. However, where sympathy fails to help us to fully...Read More

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#4 - So$a Man - I Dream

Booth newcomer So$a Man is more qualified than most to talk about achieving big dreams; though he started at the very bottom, the Bahamian rapper/singer's dedication to the independent grind led him to make history by...Read More

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#5 - Belly ft. Drake - Make It Go

Featured back in August, the lead single off Belly's forthcoming sophomore set saw the Juno Award-winning rapper spitting game to a Hot Girl, assisted by West Coast icon Snoop Dogg. Fast-forward three months, and the Ottawa...Read More

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Nappy Roots

#6 - Nappy Roots - P.O.N. (Pursuit of Nappiness)

As if previously-leaked cuts The Make Believer (w/ Tanya Morgan) and Deer Mama (w/ Yelawolf) weren't enough to get listeners buzzing about SMKA and their forthcoming street album, the up-and-coming production duo has returned...Read More

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MGK (Machine Gun Kelly)

#7 - MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) ft. Rock City - Leave Me Alone

Though inspired by the notorious Prohibition-era gangster who helped popularize the term “G-Man,” Booth newcomer Machine Gun Kelly's stage name has less to do with literal firearms than with the Cleveland native's knack...Read More

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Styles P.

#8 - Styles P & DJ Green Lantern - Shadows

The Green Ghost is the kind of handle that just screams “comic-book hero.” Thus, it should comes as no surprise that DJ Green Lantern and LOX emcee Styles P are building anticipation for their forthcoming collaborative LP...Read More

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#9 - Tha Future - Star

If you don't want to burn out your retinas, now would be a good time to grab some shades – or a welder's mask. As the up-and-coming emcee explains on new mixtape leak (and Booth debut) Star, Tha Future plans on shining so...Read More

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The Canz

#10 - The Canz - 2010 Hot Steppa

Way back in 1994, Jamaican dancehall veteran Ini Kamoze earned his one and, to date, only Billboard #1 hit with Here Comes the Hotsteppa, a Salaam Remi-produced single off his '95 full-length of the same name. With more...Read More

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Beyond Belief

#11 - Beyond Belief ft. Kwame & Amille Harris - 40 Seconds [Exclusive]

On January 12, 2010, at 4:53 pm local time, the earth began to shake underneath the people of Haiti, and by the time the earth had calmed, less than a minute later, their lives lay in ruins. In the wake of such overwhelming...Read More

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#12 - STS ft. Cassidy & RL - Parachute

Back in the Booth after nearly a year's absence, Sugar Tongue Slim has slimmed down in the stage-name department since we last saw him; the Philadelphia/Atlanta dual representative now goes by the sleeker STS. As Shakespeare...Read More

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The Gent$

#13 - The Gent$ - Snake Skin Tie

Before today, I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a Snake Skin Tie – and, to be honest, the idea strikes me as a little more weird than cool (I mean, would you trust a guy wearing part of a cobra around his...Read More

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Mike Dreams

#14 - Mike Dreams - Hip Hope Anthem (Hello World)

Cynics, now would be a good time to step away from your computer; the dose of musical positivity Mike Dreams delivers on the latest (and probably final) single/leak off his long-awaited debut album is so strong it might send...Read More

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Joe Budden

#15 - Joe Budden - R.I.P.

Joe Budden’s never been a pacifist, but even for him he’s been on a particular rampage lately. The latest addition to Budden's enormous “tracks where rappers get served hard” catalog is R.I.P., a net-only banger that...Read More

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The Greater Good

#16 - The Perfect Formula ft. Verbal E & Fame - I'm in Love

Hip-hop has a long tradition of producer/emcee combos (ex. Gangstarr) and tracks that use women as a metaphor for a larger topic (ex. Common’s Used to Love H.E.R.), and impressively The Perfect Formula - making their...Read More

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#17 - YelaWolf ft. Prynce Cyhi & Pill - I Wish (Remix)

YelaWolf has come a long way since he made his debut on the Booth with his defiant breakthrough single I Wish, so far in fact that he’s now releasing an I Wish (Remix). While the remix loses its original Raekwon guest...Read More

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Pete G

#18 - Pete G & X Man - Shelter Me

If there's anything that can be called a “silver lining” to the troubles that currently plague the globe, from widespread economic woes and endless wars to tragedies like the recent, cataclysmic earthquake that befell the...Read More

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#19 - Saheed - How Can I Explain

No matter how hard you try to keep it positive, there are always those days (or weeks, or months...) when everything's a drag and it feels like your life's on the slow train to nowhere; few, however, can spin their blues into...Read More

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