Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - December 04, 2011

December 5, 2011 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

OCD: Moosh & Twist

OCD: Moosh & Twist - Tommy Bundy

Just who is Tommy Bundy? A mix of fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger and infamous serial killer Ted Bundy perhaps? Or maybe a blend of Oakland Raiders linemen Tommy Kelly and ‘90s sitcom dad Al Bundy? Then again, maybe the title...Read More
King Mez

King Mez - Reign

In dozens of Booth-featured cuts, an exclusive freestyle and two mixtape releases (The King's Khrysis and The Paraplegics), it's never occurred to me to wonder what King Mez was supposed to be king of. I mean, it'd be sort of...Read More

Fashawn - Generation F

Currently hard at work on the follow-up to 2009's Boy Meets World--one of the most acclaimed rap debuts in recent memory--Fashawn is taking a moment to sip some bubbly, celebrate his successes to date, and ponder the road...Read More

hasHBrown ft. Dannie Walker - This Is It

With his new album's release just a week away, hasHBrown returns to bless our eardrums with yet another single off the project. On This Is It, Tommy Bumps' Southern-fried sample work sets the stage as the H-town representer...Read More
Ceez (Cesar Luciano)

Cesar Luciano ft. Neako - Lights Down

Fresh off making one of the most-acclaimed Booth debuts in recent memory with Lets Ride, Cesar Luciano returns with the freshly-minted follow-up--an exclusive world premiere. On Lights Down, Marv X's string-laced street...Read More
D. Cash

D. Cash - The Winner

Recognizing the importance of positive self-talk, Miami newcomer D. Cash takes his first Booth feature as an opportunity to give himself a lyrical pat on the back. On street-ready mixtape single The Winner, Cashous Clay's...Read More
Emilio Rojas

Emilio Rojas - Middle Finger

Whether the revolution is actually coming or today’s global unrest will turn out to be a historical footnote, there’s no denying that from Oscar Grant protests in Oakland to Occupy Wall Street, uprisings in Egypt to riots...Read More
Ron Artiste

Ron Artiste - I Will

No, the renowned baller, courtside brawler, rapper and label exec formerly known as Ron Artest hasn't decided to breathe new life into his music career by changing his name to the slightly posher “Ron Artiste”--as far as...Read More

SmCity ft. Trey Dupree - Watch Me

If you aspire to be a clued-in hip-hop head, you'd better have at least one of your eyes (and, if possible, an ear or two) glued to SmCity; with the kind of moves the Washington, D.C. representer's been making lately, those...Read More
Dave New York

Dave New York ft. Chali2na, Rapper Big Pooh & Bishop Lamont - Music's All I Got

Just how devoted is Booth newcomer Dave New York to his craft? On Music's All I Got, the latest leak off his forthcoming compilation, the Northeastern spitter reveals that, as far as he's concerned, hip-hop is prety much all...Read More
DJ Nu-Mark

DJ Nu-Mark ft. illa Jay - By My Side

In the words of the Grateful Dead, what a long, dope road it’s been. Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how Jerry Garcia and company put it, but that’s what they would have said if they wrote Truckin about DJBooth and...Read More

Raekwon ft. M.O.P. & Kool G Rap - Ill Figures (Remix)

A standout track off '09 Wu-Tang compilation Chamber Music, Ill Figures found Raekwon sharing the mic with three fellow pioneers of the Northeastern gangsta/hardcore style: Brownsville, Brooklyn-repping duo M.O.P. and Corona,...Read More
Strong Arm Steady Gang

Strong Arm Steady - Classic

Saying your song is a Classic may not necessarily make it so, but there's something to be said for setting expectations—provided, of course, you have the skills to meet and/or exceed them. In the case of Strong Arm Steady,...Read More
King Chip

Chip Tha Ripper ft. Eric Grant - Hold Me Down

Considering his last DJBooth feature, Chip Tha Ripper should have a full compliment of women – in fact an astounding 25 Wives – eager and waiting to cater to his ever need, but just in case his harem doesn’t come...Read More
Soul Khan

Soul Khan - Someone's Pocket

The #OccupyWallStreet movement has raised myriad well-founded gripes with our current system: unemployment, poor wages, crippling student loan/mortgage debt, slashed budgets and upward income redistribution. With his latest...Read More

Yonas - Time Is Now [Freestyle]

Though Yonas certainly hasn't been slacking off in the Booth of late, the NYC phenom recently got back into the studio full-time and is preparing for a big musical "push" in the coming months--starting with Time Is Now, an...Read More
Emilio Rojas

Emilio Rojas ft. Freeway - High Level Sh*t

When a song is titled High Level Sh*t, you're setting yourself up for a lot of criticism if you don't deliver. However, Emillio Rojas doesn't have much to worry about. On his new stand alone cut with Freeway (who always...Read More
King Los

Los ft. XV - Get It

It's been a few months since Los stepped into the Booth with a fresh solo feature (Finally Here hit our front page in July), but don't get it twisted --the Baltimore spitter (and freestyle series alum) is still very much on...Read More
Von Avery

Von Avery - Maybe So

A member of Saturday Youth Music Group, an in-house production label responsible for the beats behind cuts by Mac Miller, Sir Michael Rocks and more, Von Avery steps into the Booth spotlight with Maybe So, a newly-leaked cut...Read More
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