Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - December 11, 2011

December 12, 2011 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

Chris Webby

Chris Webby ft. A Mitch - There Goes the Neighborhood

Fresh off bringing us the reader-approved What I Do, Chris Webby returns with one more leak off his forthcoming street release. Title track There Goes the Neighborhood finds Don Cannon serving up a head-noddable, bass-driven...Read More
Kinetics & One Love

Kinetics & One Love ft. Nitty Scott, MC - Any Means Necessary

In 1965, not long before he was assasinated, Malcolm X said, “We declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be a human being, to be respected…which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”...Read More
Mistah F.A.B

Mistah F.A.B ft. Royce Da 5’9? & Talib Kweli - In My City

Mistah F.A.B. is back on the scene with a brand new, digital-only EP I Found My Backpack 2: The Lost Notebook, which dropped today. Not surprisingly, Booth selection In My City, featuring lyrical assists from Talib Kweli and...Read More

GQ ft. Bluu Suede & Rapsody - Optimus Prime

In addition to being the name of the fearless leader of the Autobots, “Optimus Prime” translates from Latin to mean (roughly) “The Greatest, the First;” Needless to say, it's a title that many a rapper would love to...Read More

Fashawn - Generation F

Currently hard at work on the follow-up to 2009's Boy Meets World--one of the most acclaimed rap debuts in recent memory--Fashawn is taking a moment to sip some bubbly, celebrate his successes to date, and ponder the road...Read More
Joe Budden

Joe Budden ft. Emanny - She Dont Love Me

Fellas, don't you just hate it when fly honeys are only interested in you for your money and sex appeal? On second thought, I'm sure plenty of fellas would kill to be in the position that Joe Budden describes on unreleased...Read More

¡MAYDAY! x Black Keys - Sinister Kids [Freestyle]

With blues-rockers' The Black Keys' brand new El Camino LP flying off the record-store shelves like hotcakes would be if record stores sold hotcakes, it should surprise no one to see rap acts getting in on the remix-freestyle...Read More
Rashad & Confidence

Rashad & Confidence - Understand

Every so often on Pandora a song plays that really doesn’t fit the mold of what I’m listening to, but it still instantly inspires me to search for more information on that artist. That’s exactly the feeling I got when I...Read More

Crooked I ft. K-Young - Diamond In The Back

Let’s be honest. If Slaughterhouse was The Three Tenors, west coast veteran Crooked I would be José Carreras, the equally talented but sometimes overlooked member of the group. While Crook doesn’t display the same antics...Read More
Devin Miles

Devin Miles - So Alive

How's the hustle been treating Devin Miles since he stepped into the Booth with Vinny Chase back in September? Pretty damn good, judging by the Pittsburgh hopeful's latest promo single, So Alive. On this triumphant joint, The...Read More
Rocky Diamonds

Rocky Diamonds ft. Mac Miller - Right Now

Been wondering when Ballin' Rocky Diamonds would return to our pages with another fresh feature? Well, how does Right Now sound? The latest leak off the his forthcoming mixtape, this grind anthem finds the Minneapolis repper...Read More
Kinetics & One Love

Kinetics & One Love ft. Deuce Broadway - Would You Follow Me?

Fresh off making their Booth debut with the reader-approved Any Means Necessary, Kinetic & One Love return to our pages with one-off release Would You Follow Me?. Here, Love crafts a poignant chopped-sample groove to back his...Read More
Cisco Adler

Cisco Adler ft. Mod Sun, B Rolla & Pat Brown - Silent Night 2011

A Yuletide staple since before any of us were born, Silent Night was penned in the early 1800s by Austrian priest Joseph Mohr and headmaster Franz Xavier Gruber. Which is to say, it's long overdue for an update. With his...Read More

MMA ft. Shin B & Emilio Rojas - Remember the Days

Whether you were raised in a gated community or an inner-city 'hood, it's tough not to look back with nostalgia on your younger days. Of course, that doesn't mean you need to view your past through rose-colored glasses. On...Read More

GLC ft. Cold Hard, Yelawolf & The Carps - Empty Town

It's been a minute since last we featured GLC on the solo tip--Cold as Ice hit our front page back in October of 2010—but the Chi-town gangster has been grinding H.A.M. in the meantime, pumping out street albums for the...Read More
JR & PH7

JR & PH7 ft. Brokn Englsh & St. Joe Louis - Bloody Sunday

A Cologne, Germany-repping beat crew who know the fundamentals of hip-hop better than many of their stateside counterparts—as amply demonstrated in past features Let's Get It and Top Rank--JR & PH7 are back to turn heads...Read More

Logic - The Dream

When 10,000 people like you--whether in real life or on Facebook--you must be doing something right. Fresh off breaking the big 10k, Logics is celebrating with the release of The Dream. Here, The Official's guitar-laced...Read More
Radio Traffic

Radio Traffic ft. Snoop Dogg - Cali Livin

With temperatures in my home city (Minneapolis) at 20 degrees and only going lower, outdoor recreation without a heavy coat, boots, mittens and balaclava has become life-threatening, if not utterly impossible. As much as I...Read More

AWKWORD ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare - Bars & Hooks

If you tuned in for AWKWORD's first Booth feature, Doctor Doctor, you already know that the Big Apple repper's all about his Bars & Hooks. On feature numero dos, the latest single off his forthcoming full-length, the emcee...Read More
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