Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - August 08, 2011

August 8, 2011 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

Chevy Woods

Chevy Woods ft. Mac Miller - The Drive

It's sad, but true: those who talk the loudest about self-sufficiency and personal responsibility are almost always those who have never come face to face with financial hardship. Well aware of how exasperating it can be to...Read More
Black Cobain

Black Cobain ft. Wale - Busy Now (Remix)

Black Cobain is on to something. The kid hailing from Virginia's sector of the DMV, while no stranger to the Booth, comes with a new energy on Busy Now (Remix) off his latest mixtape, Young, Gifted & Black. Last year, Cobain...Read More
K. Sparks

K. Sparks ft. Add-2 - Chi City 2 Queens

Last we heard from K. Sparks', the underground mainstay and All-Star (“Booth favorite” hardly cuts it) was exhaling Purple Clouds as he contemplated the heavy topics of crime and social inequality. While his...Read More

B.X.C - Sometimes I Just Want to Give Up

Though rappers' competition to produce the grittiest stories of street survival often seems like a game of one-upmanship, the true value of these snapshots of hardship and triumph lies in their applicability to our own...Read More
Smokey Robotic

Smokey Robotic ft. Skyzoo - Heroin (Remix)

While the sweet sticky icky has always been a part of the hip-hop landscape, the last couple years has seen the elevation of marijuana rap into the mainstream. Well, since Smokey Robotic have already proven to be...Read More
Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen - The Chase Is On

Considering it's been more than three years since Fidel Cashflow last showed his face in the Booth, I think it's time to move on and fill that hilarious rap moniker-shaped hole in my life. Thus, I'm very proud to present the...Read More

Rittz - Geronimo

Though Geronimo is best known as "that guy whose name people yell when jumping from really high up," Geronimo actually got his moniker through a misunderstanding, when English settlers overhead Mexican soldiers praying to St....Read More
Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs ft. Alley Boy - Rob Me a N*gga

Most of us (I hope) can't even imagine the circumstances that would drive us to consider armed robbery against a friend and neighbor who's in equally dire straits, but such are the conditions that plague inner-city residents...Read More

G-Eazy - Make-Up Sex

When I see a couple who are constantly at each other's throats, my initial reaction is somewhere along the lines of “Sucks to be them.” Looks, however, can be deceiving—for example, the Make Up Sex may be so fantastic...Read More
GWN (Group Without A Name)

GWN - SummerTime

Summer Time has become synonymous with hot and heavy romances, but not necessarily ones of longevity. It’s the tempting “this isn’t going anywhere but we might as well have fun while it lasts” type of love....Read More

Fiend ft. Cornerboy P - We Get High

While new to the Booth, Fiend has an illustrious history in the hip-hop game, including a famous stint with Master P's No Limit Records. But the past is the past--the important question is, does the New Orleans...Read More

Metermaids - Graveyard Shift

A week or so on the Graveyard Shift, and you'll never take coffee and No-Doz for granted again. As life-saving as these common remedies can be, though, there are times when you need something a little stronger to prop your...Read More
Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks - Never Slip

The folks quickest to give you advice about your life often need the most help with theirs. So when you find someone who dispenses some actual nuggets of wisdom you’d better listen up, especially when they make it sound as...Read More

iCan ft. Ab-Liva & Dan “Dilemma” Thomas - Sky High

If you’re not tuning in from one of the Poles, chances are it’s been getting pretty warm in your neighborhood lately with no signs of slowing down. Times like these require us to kick back, stick your face in the freezer,...Read More
Dean Swift

Dean Swift - The Brief

Though a true gangster trusts no one, everyone needs a little guidance to start out. On The Brief, making its world premiere in the Booth, Boston-repping Booth newcomer Dean Swift offers young hustlers a few words on the...Read More
Only Children (?eƒS?und & NiKK? GR?Y)

?eƒS?und & NiKK? GR?Y - Lunar.Sun.Light!

Random shapes and non-English characters in their stage names... irregular use of punctuation in song titles... yep, no doubt about it: ?eƒS?und and NiKK? GR?Y are far-out and proud of it. Though the duo's “Trillawave”...Read More
tabi Bonney

tabi Bonney & Murs - Hip-Hop & Love

All too often, the things we expect to last forever disappear in the blink of an eye—you know, romantic affairs, MURS' dreads (I know, I'm mourning their loss, too) and the like. In contrast, a personal relationship with...Read More
Chevy Woods

Chevy Woods ft. Wiz Khalifa - Crazy

Previously heard spitting alongside Wiz Khalifa on previously-featured mixtape title track The Cookout, Chevy Woods rejoins forces with his fellow Pittsburgh repper on the newly-leaked Crazy. Released via the artist's Twitter...Read More

Hi-Rez - All I Have

With some special exceptions (oh, hey there Jay-Z) hip-hop has always been a young man’s game, but it seems like lately we’ve seen an even larger influx of rappers who will drop an album before they can legally drink. The...Read More
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