Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - August 29, 2010

August 30, 2010 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

Kandid McFly

Kandid McFly - Leave My Side

As I'm sure the fellas will agree, few things could be more infuriating than hearing a girl you have feelings for complain of being mistreated by her man. Be that as it may, such situations can quickly turn even uglier when a...Read More
Jesse Abraham

Jesse Abraham - Spiderman on Vitamins

I’m not saying that giving your new song an eye-catching title like Spiderman on Vitamins will guarantee a feature on DJBooth, but it doesn’t hurt. Although we had never featured Brooklyn newcomer Jesse Abraham before, we...Read More
J. Cardim

J. Cardim ft. O.D.B. & Ludacris - All of the Time

Released to the 'net in July, J. Cardim's latest street album found the Booth-approved beatsmith hooking up with a wide variety of hip-hop's best and brightest talents, from established heavyweights to relative unknowns;...Read More
Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson ft. Joell Ortiz & ShowTyme - Head Up

Peter Jackson is a busy, busy man – though the bearded New Zealander who brought us the Lord of the Rings trilogy is currently hard at work on several forthcoming films, he's found time to... oh, this isn't the same guy?...Read More
Celeb Forever

Celeb Forever - Hate 2 See [Premiere]

There are many rappers in today's game, both up-and-coming and established, who hold mixed feelings on the topic of fame. Booth newcomer Celeb Forever is not one of them – the Cleveland/New York dual representative craves...Read More

FloDeep - Monster Music

There's nothing we in the Booth love more than all-star collaborations, but when three up-and-comers as talented as Vegas representatives Marion Write, Nique and Radio Ramone collide on one record, the result is bound to...Read More
Jarren Benton

Jarren Benton - White Cadillac

I’ll confess, when I was assigned this song feature earlier this morning, I wasn't very familiar with Jarren Benton. Sadly, I have a tendency to pass over emcees I haven’t heard before, a tendency that has obviously...Read More
Shane Eli

Shane Eli - I Wonder

Shane Eli's reader-acclaimed debut full-length, The Push, has been available on our mixtape page for a minute now, but unlike, say, a gallon of milk from your local supermarket, good music stays fresh no matter how long you...Read More

Atmosphere - To All My Friends

It’s a sad day when I have to admit that summer has once again run its course. However, I take solace in the fact that good music doesn’t have an off-season, a fact made evident by the fresh promo single featured today...Read More
Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs ft. YP - Something New

In an interview with our very own DJ Z, Gary, Indiana’s finest, Freddie Gibbs, said that he refuses to be one of those rappers that drop a new low-quality record every day. Well incredibly, the DJBooth Freestyle alum has...Read More
City Haze

City Haze - Keep on Winnin'

With May's acclaimed Star of the City street album, Lost in Tokyo up-and-comer City Haze succeeded in stoking his already prodigious buzz to a fever pitch. So, what's next for the Brooklyn/South Bronx representative? Well,...Read More
Kingpen Slim

Kingpen Slim ft. Edley Shine - 21 Gun Salute [Premiere]

An infamous drug lord may seem like an odd person to dedicate a song to, but that’s exactly what Kingpen Slim and dancehall artist Edley Shine have done with their latest leak, (premiering right here right now) 21 Gun...Read More
K. Sparks

K. Sparks - Magic

If a sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic (as was famously stated by science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke), then K. Sparks must be the hip-hop equivalent of Gandalf the Grey. That is, if you...Read More
Miami Beat Wave

Miami Beat Wave ft. !Mayday! - One Foot in the Grave [Premiere]

It's beginning to seem like up-and-coming production team Miami Beat Wave is angling to spark more than just a musical revolution with his forthcoming mixtape; fresh off joining forces with hip-hop radicals dead prez (who,...Read More
Bryant Dope

Bryant Dope ft. Talib Kweli - Live Your Dreams

While today's Booth lineup offers no shortage of upbeat, encouraging tunes (see Pugs Atomz' live-with-no-regrets cut Faded and Parable's grind-chronicling That Feelin'), it's been a minute since we've heard a straight-up...Read More

GemStones ft. Sa'alek - XL (Excel)

Despite the severity of America's obesity epidemic, fat is an issue rarely taken seriously in popular culture – and in rap, it's hardly ever more than a throwaway punchline. For GemStones, however, the vicious circle of...Read More
The Undergrads

The Undergrads - Crayon Box

In theory, pop music is all about bringing people together, regardless of race, class or walk of life; in practice, of course, it often does the opposite, making these differences all the more apparent. Is it possible to...Read More

Question? - Trillmatic (Intermission)

Enjoying a mixtape all the way through, without interruption, is often easier than done – bathroom breaks, fridge excursions and the like always threaten to break up the listening experience. Ever the considerate artist,...Read More
Basic Vocab

Basic Vocab ft. Rahsaan - Chill

Don't let the stage name fool you; as those who tuned in for the Miami trio's Booth debut way back in January are well aware, Basic Vocab's sophisticated, lyrically-driven brand of hip-hop is a far cry from anything you'll...Read More
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