Indie Hip-Hop Songs Music Chart - August 28, 2011

August 29, 2011 Chart RecapWelcome to the Booth’s......Read More

OCD: Moosh & Twist

OCD (Moosh & Twist) - Take Me Back

Though I'll take adulthood over childhood any day of the week (more spending money, no curfew, no parents to tell you you can't eat ice cream for breakfast...), there's nothing easy about the process of growing up; thus, I...Read More

Phonte ft. elZHi - Not Here Anymore

Since the 2010 dissolution of the veteran N.C. crew, Phonte's been getting into the post-Little Brother groove via a downright epic streak of guest 16s, as well as collaborative work with Dutch beatsmith Nicolay as The...Read More
Nappy Roots

Nappy Roots ft. Samuel Christian - Hey Love

Nappy Roots just don’t know how to be anything but completely honest. Fresh off their openly candid, Booth-approved last single Congratulations, the Southern soaked quintet wear their hearts on their sleeves…I mean mics...Read More
Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us

I still can’t kick the habit of going old school and making CDs for friends that want new music. I've found, though, that most of my mix CDs have one superior quality artist, who diminishes the quality of the others, and...Read More

Question? ft. DJ DJ - C.M.F.A

I know what you're thinking: “How the hell did Question? get into the Cocalico Midget Football Association? Dude is clearly taller than 4'10”.” It's an easy mistake to make but, actually, the acronym C.M.F.A. refers not...Read More
Young Scolla

Young Scolla - Alive

After six whole days without a new feature from Young Scolla, fans of the Motown-repping Booth fave may be wondering whether the Motown-representative is still Alive and kicking. If that's the case, allow me to reassure you:...Read More
Dewy Sinatra

Dewy Sinatra - Popular Pt. One

I don't say this lightly, Booth readers, but it seems like the Gospel might be "goin' mainstream." What makes me think so? Well, in addition to 33 percent of human beings on Earth being Christian, and the fact that you can...Read More
Micah Freeman

Micah Freeman - Crowd Around

Thanks to an internet connection and enough money to buy ProTools (or crafty enough to pirate a copy for free) it’s become increasingly hard for a new artist to stand out from the pack. There is, however, an easy solution...Read More

Apathy ft. Scoop Deville - Smoke Weed Everyday

As fans of weed-rap already know, THC-loving rappers are always on the hunt for women who love to toke up as much as they do. Connecticut representative Apathy's been lucky enough to find just such a female, and on new single...Read More
Smoke DZA

Smoke DZA ft. Curren$y - Personal Party

I know you all saw that renowned marijuana consumers Smoke DZA and Curren$y had a new song out titled Personal Party and were expecting a THC-laced tale of relaxation and good times – come on people, stop stereotyping!...Read More
Hollywood Peoples

Hollywood Peoples - Definition of a Man

As fantastic as it most assuredly is to possess male plumbing, it takes more than an ability to pee standing up to fit Hollywood Peoples' Definition of a Man. Among the qualifications that the Long Island representative...Read More
The Away Team

The Away Team - Scars & Stripes

While we’ve heard plenty of rapper Sean Boog lately (Phantom of the Jamla), and no shortage of producer Khrysis lately (King's Khrysis), the two haven’t made an appearance on our pages together as The Away Team since...Read More
Jah C

Jah C x Jaison Spain ft. Sleepwalkas - I Thought You Knew

What, y'all didn't get the memo about Jah C and Jaison Spain's habit of getting it in at all hours of the night and day? You haven't even been formally introduced? Damn, then I've got a lot of ground to cover--or I would, if...Read More
The Opus

The Opus ft. Pigeon John - Up and Away

Back in July, beat crew The Opus hooked up with Chi-town trio The Gent$ to take their hustle International on the lead single off their forthcoming street album. Now that they've got the whole damn globe on lock, The Opus...Read More
Dewy Sinatra

Dewy Sinatra - Free Mind

Fresh off introducing himself to the Booth with the reader-acclaimed Popular, Pt. 1, Dewy Sinatra returns to our pages with another standout cut off his latest street album. On Free Mind, Id Labs' mellow, sampled production...Read More
Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen - #WhiteGirlProblems

Own too many heels to fit in your walk-in closet? Have trouble decided which upscale club to get slizzard at on Saturday night? Can't think of anything to put on your Christmas list, because youv'e already got it all? Sounds...Read More
ScHoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q - My Homie

With projects from both Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock circulating heavily through hip-hop nation’s headphones the TDE movement is growing stronger by the day. Now another Black Hippy member is making his way to the front of...Read More
Dean Swift

Dean Swift ft. Mike Irish - Rearview Mirror

Dean Swift's first Booth feature, The Brief, found the emcee harking back to his 'hood beginnings as he tutored a young hustler on the art of street survival. On follow-up Rearview Mirror (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!),...Read More

STS ft. Yelawolf - Hello Sunshine

Everyone thinks rappers are a hard bunch, but in truth your favorite emcees can be cuddlier than a balloon full of puppies, sweeter than an ocean of gum drops and nicer than Mr. Rogers on Valium. Sometimes even emcees like...Read More
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