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Indie Hip-Hop Chart - Allergic to the mainstream? Check out our top 20 indie songs. Created by combining how many times the song has been played with your ratings, DJBooth's charts help turn today's brand new music into tomorrow's hit records.


#1 - Rittz - White Rapper [New]

The recent success of Iggy Azalea has reminded us that White Rappers can do anything—including adopting any accent—their darker-skinned peers can do. (Whether they should, well, that's up for debate.) Still, the...Read More

Taylor Bennett

#2 - Taylor Bennett - HATIN' [+1]

While there's been little non-constructive criticism directed at Taylor Bennett in The DJBooth, there are plenty of individuals in less savory corners of the blogosphere HATIN' on the Windy City representative. But he ain't...Read More

Run The Jewels

#3 - Run The Jewels - Blockbuster Night (Part 1) [New]

These are exciting days for Run The Jewels fans; not only have Killer Mike and El-P just announced their signing to Mass Appeal Records, but they've wasted no time in getting a sophomore album on the release calendar. With...Read More


#4 - SonReal ft. Madchild - Live This [+6]

Fresh off a 53-date U.S. tour, Vancouver rhymesayer SonReal isn't resting on his laurels. Instead, he's gotten right back to work cooking up fresh music for his hungry fanbase. The artist's first release since his return,...Read More

Rich Quick

#5 - Rich Quick ft. DJ J Hart - Sweet Summer [+2]

August is just two days away, but there's still time to make this season the Sweet Summer you've always dreamed of. To help get you into the spirit, we present the world premiere of a brand new single from Rich Quick. While...Read More


#6 - AnMor - Lifestyle [New]

AnMor's last single, Est. Since 89, found the DMV buzzmaker offering a little insight into his history in the rap game. Now, on the follow-up, he gives us the lowdown on the Lifestyle he currently enjoys. ShadLaidBack lives...Read More


#7 - Lenerd ft. Courtney Paulson - Toxic [-3]

More often than not, something that feels really damn good will be hazardous to your health—and nowhere is that rule more applicable than in the realm of love and sex. On LP single Toxic, making its world premiere on our...Read More


#8 - M-Dot ft. E.M.S. Crew - Today [New]

As his stage name indicates, M-Dot is all about “Making Doubters Over-Think.” The Boston emcee, on the other hand, doesn't second-guess himself. He acts decisively, leaving foes with no time to react. For example, Today...Read More


#9 - QuEST - Hunger [New]

After four singles--May 10, 2012, Automatic, Lost N**gas and Struggle Rapper—listeners endowed with basic pattern recognition skills have likely concluded that QuEST's next album is gonna be dope. Nonetheless, the Jersey...Read More

Jered Sanders

#10 - Jered Sanders - P.S.E. (Public Service Enhancement) [New]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who's-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising stars...Read More

Lorenzo Asher

#11 - Lorenzo Asher - Dreamy Saratoga [New]

The DJBooth's exclusive freestyle series isn't just about allowing you, the readers, to enjoy some quality rhymes—though that's a big part of it. It's also about spurring artists to take their mic game to the next level. So...Read More

Gotham Green

#12 - Gotham Green ft. Wax - Government Name [-11]

In recent years, an increasing number of emcees have dropped their invented monikers in favor of their Government Names. You don't have to worry about Gotham Green going that route, though. His pseudonym has a vital purpose:...Read More


#13 - Collins ft. Sareena Dominguez - Listen [New]

Not seen on our front page since February, when he earned positive reader reviews for Brooklyn Basement, Collins makes his return to our front page with single numero uno off his next studio album. Listen is a poignant...Read More

Dizzy Wright

#14 - Dizzy Wright ft. Nikkiya - I Need Answers [New]

Over the past week and change, we've heard numerous rappers weigh in on the events in Ferguson, Missouri, and their responses have been as different as the artists themselves: some feel predominantly sorrow and rage, while...Read More

Nino Bless

#15 - Nino Bless ft. Rafijah Siano - This Song Might Get Me Killed [-6]

Rapping can be a dangerous job—and that goes double when you're as committed to speaking the truth as Nino Bless is. While I doubt that new single This Song Might Get Me Killed will actually inspire murderous intentions on...Read More

Jazz Cartier

#16 - Jazz Cartier - Set Fire [New]

I hope y'all are rocking flame-retardant headphones; otherwise, the latest single from Jazz Cartier just might live up to its title and Set Fire to your cranium. On this album inclusion, Cartier's first feature since making...Read More

Kembe X

#17 - Kembe X ft. Ab-Soul & Alex Wiley - As I Unfold [-3]

Update: We have added the Yellow Nguyen-directed visuals for Kembe X's As I Unfold single. At the bottom of June, we saw Scion A/V come together with Southern emcee Scotty ATL to drop the reader-acclaimed OTR2SJ. Just over a...Read More


#18 - P.SO the Earth Tone King ft. Sammus & Moses Rockwell - Quasars [New]

Last we heard from P.SO The Earth Tone King, he was distancing himself from negative influences that threatened to kill his high. Clearly, it remains alive and well, as the Brooklynite's latest feature finds him and a few...Read More


#19 - Fundament - On the Way Pt. II [New]

Way back in 2011, Fundament forecast his impending conquest of the game on an Umma Do Me freestyle titled On the Way. Now that the T-Dot buzzmaker and freestyle series alum is gearing up for the release of his formal debut...Read More

Statik Selektah

#20 - Statik Selektah ft. Action Bronson - Long Time [-1]

After listening to Booth-approved singles The Imperial and God Knows, are you still on the fence about whether to cop Statik Selektah's next solo LP? If so, uh, that's pretty f**king odd. Are you sure you're a hip-hop fan,...Read More

Next Up

Mike Schpitz

#21 - Mike Schpitz ft. Pedro Bizz Juanjulio & Stik Figa - City Council [New]

No, Mike Schpitz isn't going into local politics—as dope as that would undoubtedly be. The title of new promo single City Council (a Booth-exclusive world premiere!) refers to Mike and two other emcees who are holding...Read More


#22 - AD - PIA (Pigs in America) [New]

In the U.S., police shootings and excessive uses of force happen so frequently that it's easy for people—those who aren't close to these injustices, anyways—to see these incidents as normal. Now that Ferguson is...Read More

Rapper Big Pooh

#23 - Rapper Big Pooh ft. BJ the Chicago Kid - Last Dance [New]

Plenty of people say you should live every day like you're going to die tomorrow; Rapper Big Pooh actually walks the walk. The result? As we learn on Last Dance, the North Carolina mainstay is happy and fulfilled, but his...Read More


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