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Indie Hip-Hop Chart - Allergic to the mainstream? Check out our top 20 indie songs. Created by combining how many times the song has been played with your ratings, DJBooth's charts help turn today's brand new music into tomorrow's hit records.


KIDD - Whipped Cream [New]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who's-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising stars...Read More

Yonas - 4am [New]

Update: The Nick Marfing and Cory Hammon (of Altamira Film Co.) directed visuals for Yonas' 4am single have been added. If you'd asked me yesterday, I would have told you that little good could happen at 4am. With his latest...Read More
Sincerely Collins

Sincerely Collins ft. Rittz & Jarren Benton - Light Work [New]

When I spoke to Sincerely Collins for our Top Prospects profile, he mentioned that his upcoming Destroyer album would be a completely different sound than we were used to hearing from him, so I should have been prepared for...Read More
Frank Leone

Frank Leone ft. The Fighting Illini Drumline - WAR [New]

It's been nearly half a year since Frank Leone made his last headlining appearance on our front page, but that isn't to say he's been inactive. On the contrary, he's been lying low, waiting patiently for the perfect...Read More

DJ EFN ft. Killer Mike, Webbz & KXNG CROOKED - If U Run [New]

DJ EFN's last feature, July 2014's Hood Banger, was an “[ode] to the mixtape freestyle.” Though its raw, grimy feel won the record positive reviews from our readers, I have a feeling listeners will appreciate the added...Read More
Phony Ppl

Phony Ppl - Why iii Love the Moon [-4]

With their latest full-length, Yesterday's Tomorrow, slated to hit digital store shelves on the 13th (a.k.a. today's tomorrow), Phony Ppl are stirring up some last-minute buzz with the release of a fresh single. On this...Read More

e-dubble - Klitschko [New]

This spring, heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko will be traveling to NYC for his first fight on U.S. soil in seven years, a championship bout against the undefeated Bryant Jennings. On this EP standout, his first feature...Read More
Red Pill

Red Pill - One Day [New]

Recently, Red Pill signed a multi-album deal with Booth-approved indie label Mello Music Group. Those familiar with the emcee's oeuvre already know they should be waiting with bated breath for the aforementioned LPs. If you...Read More

ForteBowie - So Emotional [-6]

I'm not usually the type to be moved to tears by a piece of music, but ForteBowie's latest single is So Emotional I just... sh*t, I think there's something in my eye. Featured in conjunction with John Wells's stylish black...Read More

Russ x Bugus - California [+4]

DIEMON artists Russ and Bugus have found inspiration in their new home state. Originally from Georgia, the pair, along with other members of their independent record label, relocated to California to jump start their...Read More
Adam Reverie

Adam Reverie - Need a Moment [New]

Venting may be therapeutic but, at the end of the day, it won't do much to change the situation that's upsetting you—that is, unless you happen to be a talented emcee, in which case an eloquent critique of the music game...Read More

Rediculus ft. Rich Quick - Buy Me a Beer [-11]

Fresh off receiving rave reader reviews for Point 'Em Out, Rediculus returns to our front page with the second of three world premieres off his next independent full-length. On this fresh single, the buzzmaking beatsmith...Read More
King Mez

King Mez - Reggie Miller [-8]

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for King Mez. The longtime Booth fave has yet to reveal exactly what he has planned, but he recently moved from his native North Carolina to L.A. in order to “work with Aftermath on some...Read More
Jez Dior

Jez Dior ft. OnCue - Parachutes [New]

Like many people afflicted with heavy emotional baggage, Jez Dior wears a different face when he's by himself than he does in the company of others. As the Los Angeles native vividly puts it on his latest promo single: “I...Read More

NameBrand - Fly Away [-8]

Oft imitated but never equaled, the DJBooth Freestyle Series ran from February 2009 through June 2011. Its 250 total entries were the work of a veritable who's-who of underground and emerging emcees, including rising stars...Read More
David Dalla G

David Dalla G - Inspire [New]

Feeling unmotivated this Monday morning? Well, we've got a little something that's sure to Inspire you as you embark upon another work week: namely, an exclusive world premiere from Booth newcomer David Dalla G. On this...Read More
Chris Smith Jr.

Chris Smith, Jr. - Griffey [-13]

Next to Martin Luther King, Ken Griffey may well be the most famous and accomplished “Jr.” in the history of American culture. Granted, I only thought about that statement for about thirty seconds before writing it, so...Read More
Raz Simone

Raz Simone - Shoes On [New]

It feels like only yesterday Raz Simone kicked off the Cognitive Dissonance Part Two saga with Cheap Money but we're already just one week from the end. Like any good penultimate episode, New Shoes ramps up the tension and...Read More

D.Prince - DJBooth RapBox Freestyle [-10]

As he established on his CFRN album, D.Prince is one classy dude, so it was only right that he filmed his DJBooth RapBox freestyle in a cigar bar. Backed by yet another dope beatbox instrumental from Shockwave, this is the...Read More
Banks The Genius

Banks the Genius - 40 Below [New]

At this time of year, I doubt y'all are in the market for anything that'll lower your body temperature. With that said, I have a feeling you won't mind making an exception for this chilly new single from Banks the...Read More

Next Up

SiSi Dior

SiSi Dior - Power [New]

SiSi Dior spent 2014 solidifying her reputation as a top-tier guest spitter, turning in standout 16s on records by the likes of Stunt Taylor, Speaker Knockerz, LPeezy, and BopKingDLOW. In 2015, the Windy City representative...Read More
Villain Park

Villain Park - We Out to Get the Money [-14]

A rising rap quartet hailing from the City of Angels, Villain Park makes its grand entrance into the Booth with a new single off its next project. As the title imples, We Out to Get the Money is all about the time-tested...Read More
Brothers From Another

Brothers From Another ft. Mackenzie Thoms - Want It All [-11]

Tiglo and Cole of Seattle hip-hop trio Brothers From Another are devoted to their hustle—I mean, it's two weeks into 2015 and they've already released a three-pack of original songs—but they're wise enough to realize that...Read More
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