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April 14, 2014 Chart Recap*Last week’s front-runners, Trey Songz‘s “Smart Phones” and Alicia Keys‘s “It’s On Again,” graduate to our Top Hip Hop and R&B Chart. Taking their place on top are two …...Read More

Ed Sheeran

#1 - Ed Sheeran - SING [New]

We've glimpsed Ed Sheeran as a guest on joints by Lupe Fiasco (Old School Love) and STS (Waiting on the GoldRUSH), and we've even seen him co-headline a couple records with Yelawolf (Faces, You Don't Know), but today marks...Read More

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#2 - SZA ft. Kendrick Lamar - Babylon [New]

On her last solo feature, a March 2013 single off her S EP, singer/songwriter SZA took us on a trip to the ICE.MOON she visits whenever she feels the need to escape from prying eyes. The TDE signee's latest feature involves a...Read More

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Watch The Duck

#3 - Watch The Duck ft. T.I. - Girlfriend (Hustle Gang Remix) [New]

I'm not gonna lie; I've been known to sit and Watch The occasional Duck when relaxing by a body of water. Sometimes I even toss them a few pieces of bread. But never have I seen waterfowl produce anything as dope as the debut...Read More

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#4 - Verse Simmonds ft. Kid Ink & Eric Bellinger - Sexy Body (Remix) [-1]

Not glimpsed on our front page since November of last year, when he lent his vocals to DJ Spinatik's Came From Nothin, Def Jam crooner Verse Simmonds returns to kick off his 2014 with the official remix of Sexy Body, a jam...Read More

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Marsha Ambrosius

#5 - Marsha Ambrosius - Run [New]

Normally, when I see or hear the word "Run," I, well, run the other way, because there is nothing I hate more than running. However, I am willing to make an exception when it comes to Marsha Ambrosius' latest single release....Read More

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#6 - T-Pain ft. Akon & 2Face - If I Got It [+3]

Last month, T-Pain stepped into the Booth with F**k 'Em, a bullet-riddled anti-hater anthem which won high praise from our readers. As it turned out, the cut wasn't simply a loosie; it marked the beginning of an untitled,...Read More

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Rush Davis

#7 - Rush Davis - Sin Pays the Bills [-3]

Love may be priceless, but Sin Pays the Bills. As such, Booth newcomer Rush Davis has chosen to base his life around the latter: “That's my religion: cash, bottles and b**tches.” On his debut single and first DJBooth...Read More

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Sway Clarke II

#8 - Sway Clarke II - Secret Garden [New]

Previously heard lending his guest vocals to Cloud 9, a March feature from Swedish singer/songwriter Beldina, Sway Clarke II takes center stage with the release of his latest EP single. On this unique jam, the...Read More

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#9 - Beyonce ft. Kanye West & Jay Z - Drunk In Love (Remix) [+10]

When the album version of Beyoncé's Drunk in Love single was released on December 17, the Internet opened its collective digital arms with a warm embrace. Fast forward exactly two months, and the Internet has fallen off of...Read More

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#10 - Ludacris ft. Jeremih & Wiz Khalifa - Party Girls [-4]

In the works since 2012, Ludacris's eighth studio album has been languishing in label limbo for a hot minute now. Seeing your project sit on the shelf can't be fun, but the DTP capo's clearly been putting his free time to...Read More

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#11 - Laurel - Fire Breather [+6]

Depending on how close you get, flames can keep you warm or char you to the bone. The same (metaphorically speaking) holds true for the man Booth newcomer Laurel addresses on her latest promo single, Fire Breather. The...Read More

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Cassie Steele

#12 - Cassie Steele - MAD [New]

Let's play Name That Artist! Canadian, a sound made for the radio, and had a big role Degrassi. No, not Drake, though that's not a bad guess; we are actually talking about Cassie Steele. Coming out of nowhere with MAD, this...Read More

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Pharrell Williams

#13 - Pharrell Williams - Happy [-5]

If you have children, or know someone who does, there's a chance you might find yourself heading to the theater this summer to see Despicable Me 2, the latest animated opus from French directors Pierre Coffin and Chris...Read More

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#14 - PARTYNEXTDOOR - Persian Rugs [-2]

Some artists, once they get signed, celebrate by buying a new whip. PARTYNEXTDOOR? He upgraded his carpet game. On this freshly-minted loosie, his first feature since October's Candy, the OVO Sound recording artist invites a...Read More

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#15 - RyattFienix ft. Rittz - Suicide [No Change]

Back in January, DJBooth's sister site, RefinedHype.com, declared RyattFienix the next artist to blow. Obviously their editors are not psychic, but they are totally on to something. The artist's last single, Don't Be Shy,...Read More

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August Alsina

#16 - August Alsina ft. Rick Ross - Benediction [-11]

When I refer to an artist “blessing” the Booth with a new record, I'm usually being metaphorical. Not this time; August Alsina's new single, the second off his debut set, is quite literally a Benediction. Whereas...Read More

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#17 - Muzi ft. Divine Cight - Tribes x Angels [-10]

If the DJBooth were to have a Valentine, it might just be Muzi. Not only are we enamored with his unique R&B talents, but we sorta have a thing going with him. His last two albums, Somnolence and Somnolence Vol. II, were...Read More

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Rita Ora

#18 - Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down [New]

Promising new artists crawl out the woodwork every day, but only a vanishingly small number of them have the creativity, integrity and staying power to keep their listeners satisfied, time after time. Rita Ora aspires to be...Read More

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#19 - Travie McCoy ft. Brendon Urie - Keep On Keeping On [-9]

Travie McCoy wasn't always the debonair hip-pop hitmaker he is today. Far from it, in fact. On Keep On Keepin' On, the Gym Class Hero's latest promo cut, we get a lyrical portrait of the artist as a young man: a “chubby,...Read More

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Sir Sly

#20 - Sir Sly ft. Vic Mensa & Kami De Chukwu - Gold (Peter CottonTale Remix) [-2]

Easter is still a month away, but a certain rabbit's already dropped by the Booth with a surprise for our readers—and you don't even have to search the backyard to find it. On his latest promo single, beatsmith Peter...Read More

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Next Up

Christon Gray

#21 - Christon Gray ft. Swoope - Vanish [New]

This is only Christon Gray's first feature on our pages, but the indie-R&B buzzmaker is already thinking of packing his things, jumping in his car and Vanishing over the horizon. I'm sincerely hoping he doesn't go through...Read More

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Rockboy K9

#22 - Rockboy K9 ft. KYLE - Photoshop [New]

Rockboy K9's first (and, to date, only) Booth feature, January 2013's Cherry Pie, found him expressing his misgivings regarding rappers' focus on money above all else. A year and change later, though, paper and the lavish...Read More

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#23 - SZA ft. Chance The Rapper - Childs Play [-10]

For most rising artists, securing a guest 16 from an artist as in-demand as Chance the Rapper would be difficult and expensive. With SZA's clout and connects, however, it's Childs Play. While this newly-released single, which...Read More

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