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R&B / Pop Chart - Slow down and enjoy 20 of the hottest R&B / Pop songs out right now. Created by combining how many times the song has been played with your ratings, DJBooth's charts help turn today's brand new music into tomorrow's hit records.

Adrian Marcel

#1 - Adrian Marcel ft. Raphael Saadiq & Snoop Dogg - Searching [+1]

Still Searching for a reason to fall in love with Universal Republic crooner Adrian Marcel? All you've gotta do is stop overanlyzing things and listen to his latest mixtape single with an open heart. Premiered yesterday on...Read More

August Alsina

#2 - August Alsina ft. Nicki Minaj - No Love [+2]

Drake might be the most talked about name in hip hop, but the man dominating the conversation on the R&B side of the aisle is undoubtedly August Alsina. In June, the Def Jam signee impressed with a performance at the BET...Read More

Jon Bellion

#3 - Jon Bellion - Simple and Sweet [New]

At the bottom of July, we heard Jon Bellion draw inspiration from Yeezy's Can't Tell Me Nothing (as well as channeling a little of his famous ego) on Munny Right, a self-satisfied debut single dedicated to everyone who ever...Read More

Guy Sebastian

#4 - Guy Sebastian - Come Home With Me [+15]

Previously heard collaborating with Chi-town heavyweight Lupe Fiasco on 2012's reader-approved Battle Scars, Australian pop singer Guy Sebastian returns to make his solo Booth debut with new single Come Home With Me. Penned...Read More


#5 - Usher ft. Nicki Minaj - She Came to Give It To You [-2]

At the same time Usher is releasing some of his best material in years, Nicki Minaj sounds like she's once again in peak rapping form, which should mean that since the two have joined forces on She Came To Give It To You, we...Read More


#6 - PARTYNEXTDOOR - Her Way [New]

We like to tell ourselves we're in control of our love lives but, truth be told, somebody with the right combo of looks and charisma can always come along and play you like a fiddle. Just ask PARTYNEXTDOOR, whose latest...Read More

The Weeknd

#7 - The Weeknd - Often [-1]

UPDATE: We've added the new video for Often. How often does The Weeknd release new material? Not particularly often. But how often does he have a threesome with Austrian models high on all manner of prescription drugs?...Read More

Jessie J

#8 - Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang [-3]

You may want to lay down a protective layer of plastic around your listening area, because Jessie J's latest single is gonna blow your f**king mind. OK, OK, after listening to Bang Bang my head remains unexploded. But still,...Read More

Ariana Grande

#9 - Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean - Best Mistake [New]

The last time Ariana Grande and Big Sean got together they produced the hit Right There, so if it's not broke, don't fix it. As Grande readies to release her next album she unveils Best Mistake, a soulfully-driven tune about...Read More


#10 - Omarion x Jeremih - Show Me [New]

What could possibly be better than being serenaded by a silver-tongued R&B hitmaker? Given the link you just clicked on, you've probably anticipated my answer: being serenaded by two top-tier crooners at once. On joint promo...Read More

Poison Ivory

#11 - Poison Ivory - Mr. Wonderful [-1]

For a minute now, Lady Gaga's been the most eccentric songstress on the pop scene. Now, it looks like she may have a challenger. Sure, Poison Ivory may not wear raw meat, but she does do her laundry rocking a neon...Read More

Victoria Monét

#12 - Victoria Monét ft. Ty Dolla $ign - Made in China [+1]

More than two years have passed since Victoria Monét made her first appearance in the Booth, earning reader acclaim for EP single Music in the Air. Today, she finally returns to our pages with Made in China, an LP standout...Read More

Malik Emanuel

#13 - Malik Emanuel - Rihanna & Teyana [-6]

On a a cut featured in June, T-Dot crooner Tory Lanez revealed his fantasies of getting with G.O.O.D. Music R&B songstress Teyana Taylor. Well, it seems he's got a little competition. On his latest single and DJBooth debut,...Read More

Skizzy Mars

#14 - Skizzy Mars - Come Over [New]

In late July, we heard Skizzy Mars put a hip-hop spin on Lucy, a 2013 single from electro-pop buzzmaker Olivver. The reception was so positive that he decided to try a similar trick on the follow-up. Touch, a recent release...Read More

The Knocks

#15 - The Knocks ft. Powers - Classic [+5]

One day, when you're old and gray, you'll boot up your head-mounted supercomputer (or brain implant, or whatever you use to navigate the Internet in the future), browse to The DJBooth and play The Knocks' latest feature for...Read More


#16 - Fjer ft. Substantial & DJ JS-1 - Children (QN5 Remix) [+6]

Since I had to look it up, I'll give y'all a hint right off the top: Fjer is pronounced like “fear,” not “fuh-jer,” and it's Danish for “feather.” The moniker definitely fits, judging by the light, airy vocal...Read More

Jacob Banks

#17 - Jacob Banks - Move With You [-1]

I hope y'all have your dancing shoes on, because Jacob Banks wants to Move With You. OK, given that it's 9:15 on a Thursday morning as I write this, you're more likely to be rocking work shoes... or bunny slippers. Whatever's...Read More


#18 - Kwabs - Walk [New]

When sh*t's unacceptable, sometimes there's nothing to be done but pack your things and Walk right out the door—even if you're not quite sure about your destination. On Kwabs's latest single, the UK R&B buzzmaker resolves...Read More


#19 - Pitbull - Fireball [-10]

When Pitbull releases a new single, you can rest assured it'll impact dancefloors and radio airwaves with the explosive force of a Fireball from outer space. The club-rap kingpin's latest effort, a Booth-exclusive world...Read More

Lyrica Anderson

#20 - Lyrica Anderson ft. Wiz Khalifa & Eric Bellinger - Freakin' (Remix) [New]

Freakin', a single released this past spring but never featured in the Booth, saw Cali singer/songwriter Lyrica Anderson engaging in a little flirtatious back-and-forth with Pittsburgh rap heavyweight Wiz Khalifa. On the...Read More

Next Up


#21 - EPISODE ft. Stefan Weiner - HOLD ON [New]

A buzzmaking pop/alternative ensemble hailing from the city that never sleeps, EPISODE introduces its genre-defying style to the DJBooth with Hold On, the latest single and title track off its forthcoming debut EP. Featured...Read More

Jordan Corey

#22 - Jordan Corey - The Power [New]

Today may mark your first encounter with Jordan Corey, but just you wait; it won't be long till you're seeing the unsigned songstress's name in lights. To quote the title of the forthcoming EP on which she is featured, the...Read More

Jack Freeman

#23 - Jack Freeman ft. Sean Falyon & Damon Harris - Spotless Mind [New]

2004 Spike Jonze drama Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind envisions an alternate present in which individuals grieving a breakup can choose to have their brains scrubbed of all memories related to their ex. Apparently...Read More




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