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R&B / Pop Chart - Slow down and enjoy 20 of the hottest R&B / Pop songs out right now. Created by combining how many times the song has been played with your ratings, DJBooth's charts help turn today's brand new music into tomorrow's hit records.

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino - Sober [No Change]

Childish Gambino recently revealed that his upcoming STN MTN/Kauai project will actually be a double-album, with the first half consisting of a Gangsta Grillz mixtape and the second half consisting of....well....whatever...Read More

Pitbull ft. John Ryan - Fireball [New]

Update: The David Rousseau-directed visuals for Pitbull's Fireball single have been added. When Pitbull releases a new single, you can rest assured it'll impact dancefloors and radio airwaves with the explosive force of a...Read More
The Weeknd

The Weeknd - King of the Fall [+3]

UPDATE: We've added the Glenn Michael-directed visuals for The Weeknd's King of the Fall. After a semi-hiatus, The Weeknd is very much back. Abel's been averaging about a new song a week, and today's offering comes in the...Read More
Skizzy Mars

Skizzy Mars x Marc E. Bassy - Sweetest Hangover [New]

Drink too much yesterday evening? Well damn, maybe you should slow down; it's only Thursday! Regardless, we've got a little something that'll help make this your Sweetest Hangover ever. Namely, a brand new single from NYC...Read More

Timomatic ft. Pusha T. - Delilah [+9]

I don't know about y'all but, the moment I read the title of Timomatic's first Booth feature, the Plain White Ts' Hey There Delilah started running through my head. And now it's probably running through yours. Mercifully, the...Read More
DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih - Hold You Down [-1]

DJ Khaled never puts just one rapper on a track when he can place four, and the same apparently holds true for his R&B endeavors. His latest effort, Hold You Down, features sweet vocal somethings from a who's-who of modern...Read More
Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson ft. Iggy Azalea - He Ain't Going Nowhere [+3]

Popular wisdom tells us that we guys are lower-maintenance in relationships than the ladies, but that doesn't mean that keeping a man—and keeping him faithful—is a cakewalk. Follow the advice Jennifer Hudson offers on her...Read More
Kid Ink

Kid Ink ft. Usher & Tinashe - Body Language [New]

According to a fellow by the name of Dr. Mehrabian, 55 percent of communication is done nonverbally. (As for how he could have calculated that, I have no damn clue.) Fortunately, Kid Ink is fluent in Body Language. On single...Read More

Tinashe ft. A$AP Rocky - Pretend [-6]

UPDATE: We've added the new JODEB-directed video for Tinashe's Pretend single. Tinashe is no stranger to a collabo record with a more street-oriented rapper. In just the past 18 months, the RCA recording artist has worked...Read More
Chris Brown

Chris Brown - X [New]

For a minute, we've known one of the meanings behind the title of Chris Brown's sixth full-length: "X" stands for the fact that each of the project's two discs features 10 songs. With the release of the title track and latest...Read More
Elijah Blake

Elijah Blake - Strange Fruit [New]

Update: The Sean Alexander-directed visuals for Elijah Blake's Strange Fruit single have been added. After hearing Elijah Blake tackle the difficult topic of child abuse on 6 / Fallen, I was expecting Strange Fruit to be...Read More
August Alsina

August Alsina ft. Nicki Minaj - No Love [-4]

Update: We have added the Benny Boom-directed visuals for August's No Love single. Drake might be the most talked about name in hip hop, but the man dominating the conversation on the R&B side of the aisle is undoubtedly...Read More
Jessie J

Jessie J. ft. 2 Chainz - Burnin' Up [New]

Though the title of Jessie J.'s last single, Bang Bang, promised a mind-blowing listening experience, most of our readers' grey matter stayed safely in their skulls, judging by the lackluster reviews the cut received on our...Read More
Bad Rabbits

Bad Rabbits - Better Days [New]

We all have those days when we'd like to hop on a plane and travel somewhere far away from our worries and cares. Usually, though, an impromptu vacation is impractical, so we have to settle for escaping into some dope music....Read More
Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele - Super Chris [New]

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's Superchris! Though the lead single off Chrisette Michele's next full-length sounds like it should be about the R&B songstress's all-powerful alter-ego, the point of the record is that she's...Read More
Skizzy Mars

Skizzy Mars - Way I Live [New]

Skizzy Mars doesn't lead the most conventional life; he quit school in order to pursue his musical ambitions, and he spends more time smoking trees, sipping liquor and chasing women than his parents would likely approve of....Read More

Kiesza ft. Joey BadA$$ - Bad Thing [New]

Booth newcomer Kiesza has a man in her life whom she simply can't resist, and she expects to share his last name in the near future. How is that a Bad Thing, you ask? Well, it's not—unless by “bad” you mean good. The...Read More
Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez - Henny in Hand [-16]

On The Mission, the last featured single off his next full-length, Tory Lanez was all business. But don't get it twisted: the man also knows how to relax. The freshly-released follow-up finds the T-Dot crooner kicking back...Read More
K. Michelle

K. Michelle - Love 'Em All [-15]

Some people are built for monogamy. K. Michelle evidently ain't one of them. On Love 'Em All, single numero uno off her next studio album, the Atlantic songstress admits without shame to breaking men's hearts on a regular...Read More
Benny Cassette

Benny Cassette ft. Isaiah Rashad - Virgo Season [New]

While astrology has absolutely no basis in reality—sorry, new-agers—I'll admit to having a little Virgo pride. So I'm feeling Benny Cassette's latest effort just a tiny bit more than I would be otherwise. With that said,...Read More

Next Up

Jimmy Skoog

Jimmy Skoog ft. Alex Isaak - Don't Give Up [New]

Introduced to our pages with July's wistful Suicide Hill, Swedish recording artist Jimmy Skoog returns to the Booth with another fresh song release off his next EP. As its title indicates, this cut deals with the importance...Read More
Guordan Banks

Guordan Banks - Keep You in Mind [New]

With the amount of effort Guordan Banks puts into keeping tabs on the women he'd like to get with, it's a wonder he ever gets a chance to write songs about it. (But we can be damn glad he does.) Last heard spitting game to to...Read More
Jaymes Young

Jaymes Young - What Should I Do [New]

As fall deepens and the mercury slowly but surely falls, Jaymes Young's girl's feelings for him have also begun to wane. On his latest single, What Should I Do, the Atlantic Records recording artist comes up with an ingenious...Read More

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