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July 11, 2011 Chart Recap Welcome to the Booth’s Top Albums Chart! As always, your feedback has determined which songs made the cut. Each chart’s lineup is calculated using a special formula that …...Read More

Kendrick Lamar- #Section80 Artwork

#1 - Kendrick Lamar- #Section80

Hip-hop has declared many young emcees the savior, although it’s unclear exactly what hip-hop needed to be saved from. Materialism, shallowness, commercialization, the truth is that hip-hop has always contained the sins we... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 43210
Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel Artwork

#2 - Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel

I get to write about a lot of albums, some of them great, some of them worse than a night in a Tijuana jail, but I rarely get to truly write about hip-hip history. Not tonight, for tonight I get to write about Bad Meets... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 43210
Big Sean - Finally Famous Artwork

#3 - Big Sean - Finally Famous

I’ll admit that at first I didn’t get Big Sean. Or, more accurately, I didn’t get it when I heard people gushing like the Bellagio Fountains over the skinny young emcee from Detroit. Anytime I hear such hyperbole my... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 32101
Tech N9ne - All 6’s & 7’s Artwork

#4 - Tech N9ne - All 6’s & 7’s

Not everyone out there is a Tech N9ne fan, or ever really knows who the Kansas City emcee is, so before we get rolling on his new album All 6’s & 7’s let’s take a moment to educate the latecomers. Put simply, Tech, or... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 43210
Big K.R.I.T. - ReturnOf4Eva Artwork

#5 - Big K.R.I.T. - ReturnOf4Eva

Hip-hop fans, more than the fans of any other genre, are a cynical bunch. In 1979 the original emcees were convinced that simply recording rhymes would kill their culture, in 1989 the emergence of Vanilla Ice was surely the... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 43210
Beyoncé - 4 Artwork

#6 - Beyoncé - 4

In a strange way Beyoncé is a victim of her own success. She’s the closest we now have to Michael Jackson, a transcendent entertainer with the power to both sell out stadiums and have the White House on speed dial (and... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 43211
Tinie Tempah - Disc-Overy Artwork

#7 - Tinie Tempah - Disc-Overy

Although rock n’ roll was a purely American creation, inspired by the blues and created in back alley clubs from Chicago to Memphis, it was the British who took the Yankee invention and truly made it global. As The Beatles,... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 43210
Curren$y - Weekend at Burnie’s Artwork

#8 - Curren$y - Weekend at Burnie’s

We make thousands of assumptions every day, and that’s a good thing. For example, if I see a bear looking at me and licking his lips I can assume he’s wants to eat me and get the hell out. Or, alternately, if Lil B and... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 32101
Skyzoo - The Great Debater Artwork

#9 - Skyzoo - The Great Debater

I know when you all click on these album reviews you really just want to read stories about me, so with that in mind….when I was playing high school football I was better than our starting safety, but I was a junior and he... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 43210
Pitbull - Planet Pit Artwork

#10 - Pitbull - Planet Pit

You might not have noticed, but Pitbull has quietly become one of the most guaranteed hitmakers in the business. Ok, so maybe “quietly” wasn’t the right word. There’s not much quiet about a man prone to yelling... Read Full Review

Avg Rating: 32101


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