Dizzy Wright - The First Agreement EP

  • Artist: Dizzy Wright
  • Album: The First Agreement EP
  • Producer(s): Kato, SupaHotBeats, ThirdEye

Sin City rhymesayer Dizzy Wright has dropped his debut retail project, The First Agreement EP. The eight-track set comes on the heels of Nikkiya-assisted lead single "Fly High," and includes future singles "Hotel Strippa" and "Shotgun Kisses."

Funk Volume labelmate Jarren Benton, Irv the Phenom and Man-Like-Dem make additional guest appearances throughout the EP, which comes complete with beats by Kato, SupaHotBeats, ThirdEye and more.

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Avg Rating:   43211     Total Ratings: 21
one of the more talented but most slept on members of funk volume, Dizzy Wright has got to blow in 2013
Go get it if you aint got it. Bought it 7 times for the support and the love of the music. Yall sleepin if yall aint on it yet.
I will sit back and watch this guy blow up but when he does im gonna be all up in your face about it like I knew him before everyone. Youll see
This was pretty sick. "Fly High" and "Time for a Change" were me personal favorites.
sounds so amazing i would buy this if i had a job :(
Dizzy on some real talk! Turning this shit up!
Love Dizzy! He always puts his soul into his songs.
Dizzy Wright the story teller with a kick back flow
Dope album. Fly high was sick
Most underrated and unappreciated rapper out. One of the best with lyrics and meaningful hip-hop. Hard to come by now a days. #FV all day.
Some major label exec oughta be fired for not signing this kid...I Am Impressed.
Remarkable! Refreshing to hear honest and intuitive lyrics amidst all the drab that has plagued the hip-hop world the past decade
daaamn, production on this one is cray. the most underrated artist. RUBISH MCs like waka floka and tyga with their mumbling flow, pop up, and guys like Dizzy Wright are still unsigned. whats happening to the music industry??
Undeniable Shit Right Here, Good Album 2013 will be your year..I Love My Life and Shotgun Kisses
Nice! https://soundcloud.com/jesus-of-swaggerath-fskf/sets/summerxeffect
This guy here is good with me, purchase this people............................................................................
Dizzy Wright ft Tom Peep- Cant Trust Em CHECK IT OUT COMMENT TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!! SPREAD ME AROUND!!! @DizzyWright http://www.hulkshare.com/imlcs0ba6hvk
I never gave a rating for this, love the album, still listen to it even though it came out a couple of months ago

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