D.Focis - New Tokyo Mixtape 2

Artist: D.Focis



From 2000 to 2007, artist/producer D.Focis called Tokyo, Japan his home. During that time the Detroit native produced music for many of Japan’s most popular hip-hop and r&b acts and founded his own label, Facemusic Recordings. Through a national distribution deal with Daiki Distribution, Facemusic released four albums throughout Asia, including The New Tokyo Mixtape (mixed and hosted by Chicago DJ Jamal Smallz).

Since returning Stateside in late ‘07, D.Focis has kept busy in Atlanta, working with Booth-Approved artists such as Bobby Creekwater, Donnis, and The Nappy Roots, and jump-starting his career as talented emcee (see “The Be Strong LP”).

To give listeners a taste of his work overseas, D.Focis has hooked up with DJ Redblood for The New Tokyo Mixtape 2.

Fans can also check out D.Focis's previous albums: D.Focis Presents WFAC Facemusic Radio

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