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Kehlani - FWU Artwork

Kehlani - FWU

After her touching Booth debut in February, Oakland singer Kehlani is back with another meaningful message of showing her love. On FWU, you can tell why she’s become her man’s ride or die chick. They both come... Read More

Frank Ramz ft. Isis Ash - ICONIC Artwork

Frank Ramz ft. Isis Ash - ICONIC

“The projects is called the projects ‘cause it’s a project.” It’s people like Frank Ramz and songs like ICONIC that give me hope for the future of a better tomorrow. I may not have all of the... Read More

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Chris Cartier - Half Dead Artwork

Chris Cartier - Half Dead

It’s been a while since we last heard from Chris Cartier. Following this past November’s DJBooth feature for The Flame, the NYC native’s been working so hard that he feels Half Dead. But don’t worry.... Read More

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Illmaculate - Take a Hit Artwork

Illmaculate - Take a Hit

Before any grand scheme takes place, a grand plan is born. Decisions are made. Problems are solved. Rules are created. In Illmaculate‘s latest single, Take A Hit, the Portland emcee lays out this precise protocol before... Read More

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Kolley - Real Love Artwork

Kolley - Real Love

Nothing can replace the love you receive from your own blood. Rising from the ghetto of New Orleans, emcee Kolley puts that lesson on wax on his latest single, Real Love. You can feel the suffering he’s endured in his... Read More

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Russ - Lucy Artwork

Russ - Lucy

Festival season is in full swing with the passing of Coachella, and that means everyone is breaking out their “Have you seen Molly?” t-shirts. But for Atlanta emcee/producer Russ, it’s all about Lucy. In a... Read More

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Skyzoo x Torae - Blue Yankee Fitted Artwork

Skyzoo x Torae - Blue Yankee Fitted

In the ever changing landscape of Hip-Hop in New York, the city will soon have a new album to proudly represent its streets and its people. That album will have none other than NYC’s finest, Skyzoo and Torae, holding it... Read More

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T-Jay Beats - Fruits of Labor Cover

T-Jay Beats - Fruits of Labor [Album]

Two years ago, when he was just 16 years old, T-Jay Beats began his career as a producer. Now, two birthdays and a signing to independent label TruDREAM Entertainment later, the producer born Tom Jackowski has released his... Read More

Jarell Perry - Taboo Artwork

Jarell Perry - Taboo

Sometimes a forbidden love is the strongest. And for whatever unconventional reason, Los Angeles native Jarell Perry is in the clutches of the sweetest one. The indie R&B/Pop singer’s new promo single, Taboo, is an... Read More

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Verbal Kent x Khrysis - Sound Of The Weapon (Instrumentals) Cover

Verbal Kent x Khrysis - Sound Of The Weapon (Instrumentals) [Album]

In early 2014, Chicago emcee Verbal Kent teamed up with North Carolina producer Khrysis and Mello Music Group to release Sound of the Weapon. The production on the 14-track full-length is raw and classic, which perfectly... Read More

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Rapsody - Thank You Very Much Artwork

Rapsody - Thank You Very Much

When, not if, Rapsody accepts her first major award, we hope that they give her at least two minutes and thirty seconds. That should give her just enough time to perform her new video single, Thank You Very Much. Just in case... Read More

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Pharrell - Marilyn Monroe Artwork

Pharrell - Marilyn Monroe

I hate waking up from an amazing dream where I’m about to finally meet my dream girl. The difference between me and Pharrell is that he can go from that exact dream to a video shoot in a dance studio full of equally... Read More

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Ella Henderson - Ghost Artwork

Ella Henderson - Ghost

Yesterday, we featured 18-year-old UK native Caitlyn Scarlett, who made her first DJBooth appearance with Bad Love. Well, make room Caitlyn, there is another British teen who is making quite the first impression, and her name... Read More

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