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Name:   frozilla33
Location: Chicago
Interests: Rap Music
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Robin Thicke Robin Thicke - “It's in the Mornin'”

“Copped his new album and throughly enjoyed it. Incredibly smooth vocals and beats and just a great album to chill to, ever since he was on shooter I've been checkin his tracks out and this album (including this song) is full of bangers.”

frozilla33's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 20, 2009
Kid CuDi Kid CuDi - “Cudderisback [Freestyle]”

“I really enjoyed this song. Unique everything that comes together well. Question though, I've seen teh word freestyle been thrown over all kinds of things recently, a lot of which I'd never consider a freestyle. Is this actually a off the top of the head freestyle (seems quite doubtful)? Or is this just a sick track cudi recorded that isn't part of any album?”

frozilla33's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 03, 2009
T.I. T.I. - “King on the Set”

“Wow at first I thought the first verse was Young Dro and then realized it was T.I. I was about to say dam young dro killed this song but on the contrary T.I. murdered this song and dro was aight”

frozilla33's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 23, 2009
Kid CuDi Kid CuDi - “Pursuit Of Happiness”

“Never really was a fan of Cudi, Day N Nite made me give him a listen and after reading the album review on here how songs made high sound better high, I've been reevaluating him. As someone who smokes fairly often, I could definitely see myself enjoying this album front to back and I feel like that might be how he wanted this album to be listened to. I'm afraid to say it, but I'm beginning to become a fan. Although not my favorite type of music that you can just bump to, this might be my new music of choice to chill to.”

frozilla33's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 16, 2009
Dorrough Dorrough - “Ice Cream Paint Job (Remix)”

“Me and my friends been bumping this song for a while. It's a catchy and fun song to listen to, idk about him overall as an artist yet, but only time will tell. I really liked the end of dorrough first with the expedition and ignition rhyme. JD did good but he almost does in my opinion. Soulja boy sounded very close to dorrough flow wise, thought his verse was good. why does anyone let jim jones on their songs? I haven't heard one song recently of his that I liked or anyone on here liked. chickens... rotisserie? wtf lol slim thug was weak on this, its a bouncy song and he doesnt really do songs with a swag like this. E-40 did his thing but i liked JD, Soulja Boy an Dorrough's verses better. Rich Boy threw some D's on that bitch. Ideal remix = Dorough, Soulja Boy, Rich Boy, JD = would have been a killer of a song”

frozilla33's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 10, 2009

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