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Name:   KennedyKay
Location: The US of A
Interests: stuff that isn't hot garbage.
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Satellite Flight Promo Photo Kid CuDi - “Satellite Flight”

“real music”

KennedyKay's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 07, 2014
Disappear Promo Photo Nikki Lynette - “Disappear”

“Almost forgot she could sing like that. Wow”

KennedyKay's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 07, 2014
Pick a Side Promo Photo Nikki Lynette - “Pick a Side”

“The comment from this ToniBizz chick is WAY off. Nikki Lynette is BY FAR the most versatile unsigned female artist in the game. I was surprised to hear her rap in this backpacker type of flow. I always think its funny when people critique what an artist "needs" to do when they obviously are judging off of 1 song. Go listen to Best In the World or Darling Nikki & THEN tell me you're in a position to critique her rhymes. AND Dwele rapping = Something I NEED to hear more often”

KennedyKay's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 15, 2011
Nikki Lynette Nikki Lynette - “Glory Box [Premiere]”

“As a lover of Portishead and every song they ever recorded prior to the last album which was an ungodly abomination of catastrophic proportions, this song is awesome to me. I really like her music, I have been impressed by every song so far. Not so much feeling mickey Factz, who I have heard say wayyyyy doper stuff on wayyyyy wacker tracks. Like...since when was he "acting like a pimp?" Sorry, I guess the bifocals and colorful sneakers had me deceived. LoL. But aside from that, I can't blame her for the feature artist's verse, so I am giving this song a classic rating. But that's mainly because when I get this song I will be playing it everyday til I get sick of it. (I really, really love Portishead. LOL!)”

KennedyKay's Rating:                     Posted on May 12, 2010
Find Your Love Promo Photo Drake - “Find Your Love”

“A lot of people take shots at Kanye for doing the 808 & Heart breaks thing, but if you think about it, he helps push the boundaries of what us acceptable in hip hop music. I'm not really a fan of Drake, but I like this record.”

KennedyKay's Rating:                     Posted on May 01, 2010

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