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Billionaire Promo Photo Travis "Travie" McCoy - “Billionaire”

“Who knew the dude from gym class heroes would be so dedicated to rapping full time. Very and chill beat i feel like its summer from hearig this hahah. But what stood out where Bruno mars vocals. That intro and the chorus were insanely good and they had me hooked. Good music right here and a nice delivery from travie. banger”

StroWonder's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 26, 2010
Over Promo Photo Drake - “Over”

“Its bout time drake!! Im diggin this song a catchy hook with an awesome bo1 da beat add drake and you got a hit. Is it the best ive heard from drake? No ive heard him better than this. But regardless this songs hot and is gonna get a lotta love but also a some criticism but overall i have to say this is a great track.”

StroWonder's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 26, 2010
All I Want Is You Promo Photo Miguel - “All I Want Is You”

“yo this has been my song for the past couple weeks. Who is this kid miguel???!!! His vocals were sick on this! ANd j. cole did his thing at begining and at the end. the beat is simple but so lay back and smooth. Great song and very cacthy”

StroWonder's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 26, 2010
T-Pain T-Pain - “Save You”

“Wowwhen i watched freaknik on adult swim this is the song that caught my attention in the whole episode. Sounds like some classic laid back t payne with him using the auto tune to his advantage not just abusing. The beat is very catchy and has a good rythmn. 3.75 cus one chance did abuse the auto tune”

StroWonder's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 26, 2010
B.o.B B.o.B - “Not Lost”

“man bobby ray has such a unique sound and im diggin it. J.R. did good on the beat that organ piano is sick on this. The king bringin some hood feel to this was a nice addition. Cant wait for the album!!!”

StroWonder's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 26, 2010

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