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Name:   Sons of Ireland
Location: County Stankonia
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Sons of Ireland's TOP HIP HOP SINGLES

F.a.T F.a.T - “Hungry [Premiere]”

“The piano is very 36th Chamber-esque to me. Hehe, the hook is on fire. Such a good counterpart to the face-paced, blazing delivery of Jansen. He pays so much attention to the right pause, the right stress, and how much to tweak in between. I'll tell you, this guy is hungry for sure. You can feel the hunger from his passionate, almost furious approach to each line. Biting, spitting, really challenging the mic and himself and match his effort to equally fantastic production. A well-trained student of the art of hip-hop indeed. Can't wait for more.”

Sons of Ireland's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 23, 2010
Styles Ain't Raw Promo Photo Celph Titled - “Styles Ain't Raw”

“All I can say is, "Oh, shit, Chino XL!" It's got that classic hip-hop feel to it. Vintage, laid-back, and just right. The beat is orchestrated beautifully by all three rappers. Celph kills it for sure. I just loved the collaborative effort that came from all of them. Solid, solid, solid. Flowing like a river. These three sound like veterans who've done what they're doing for so long they make it sound casual. A trio nailing their delivery. Who can argue with that, right?”

Sons of Ireland's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 23, 2010
B.o.B B.o.B - “Airplanes (Pt. 2)”

“The song feels like the initial struggle of an underdog. In Contrast to part one, this song embodies perseverance against the inertia of doubt and disbelief. The subtlety of piano now caresses the sharp beat, giving the song a hint of flashback. We are really listening to the past of Bobby Ray. I think what Eminem brings to the song with his verse is that shade of anger evident in so many of his songs. With struggle comes anger. And the transition from Bobby Ray to Eminem before the last verse is a testament to that uncertainty. Not knowing whether you will make it. Doubt always creeps up on you no matter how confident you are. It is a part of realizing your dream. If part one was of celebration, then part two is its grim twin. This song speaks the reality of Bobby Ray's rising stardom. That there were indeed dark times during his continuing journey. Let go, but never forget.”

Sons of Ireland's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 21, 2010

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