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Trey Songz Trey Songz - “LOL Smiley Face”

“The worst single by trey so far in his career... not even on the same level as just gotta make it and gotta go.... but yet people like this more??? man people are dumb....”

Chilltown7's Rating:                     Posted on Aug 22, 2009
Chamillionaire Chamillionaire - “Creepin' (Solo) ft. Ludacris”

“chamilli is deff. THE MOST UNDERRATEED rapper out. hes got a big future...MM5 cant wait,im still bangin MM4... like the song,but damn i like anything with koopa on it.”

Chilltown7's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 15, 2008
Trick Trick Trick Trick - “Who Want It ft. Eminem”

“dang alot of trick tricky haterz...i didnt think it was that bad, i mean its a lot better then half the shit ive been hearin lately. nice 2 hear shady back, decent verse and the production wasnt bad at all.. deff in rotation, and its pointless 2 say look out for that relapse but.. LOOK OUT FOR THAT RELAPSE!!!! shady is bringin that shit back..”

Chilltown7's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 27, 2008
Nelly Nelly - “Long Night ft. Usher”

“its smooth. i like it. ..nelly has his haters.. but u gotta respect him. i just think he set his bar so high with country grammer that its been hard 2 match that since.. and people realize this. people just always expect really big things from derrty and rightfully so. i feel hes always tryin 2 change his game up and thats cool but, he should go back to his roots. but hate on him or not hes still 1 of the best rappers out there. even a hater can admit that.”

Chilltown7's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 12, 2008
B.G. B.G. - “Ya Heard Me ft. Juvenile, Lil' Wayne, & Trey Songz”

“i like dis shit. good 2 hear juvey. lil wayne could of brought it harder. but overall dis is a good song. sprinkle the BEST SINGER in the game right now. Trey motha fuckin songz. deff. in rotation”

Chilltown7's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 07, 2008

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