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Trey Songz Trey Songz - “In Ya Phone (Remix) ft. Fabolous”

“Fab definitely makes this song a banger. His mop and glo reference was ridiculous and recognizes this himself. Always creative and inventive ( especially with work that was done with the ending if his verse) he always adds a nice compliment to Trey. Seems like Trey is found the right wave with Ready, he's really done well with it.”

SoE's Rating:                     Posted on May 14, 2010
Brandon Hines Brandon Hines - “Find You ft. Ryan Leslie”

“I am such a fan of R&B featuring other R&B artists but not to so much the R&B turned rapper artists. Brandon really owns this track. Singing from his heart this track a smart selection for a promo single. I really did enjoy the song, it's a nice bath time listen. Ryan the producer, Ryan the singer, now Ryan the rapper...I frankly could have done without the latter. I think Brandon's voice is powerful enough to carry a song by himself. And I think the song could have done without the insecure pretty girl comment.”

SoE's Rating:                     Posted on May 11, 2010
The Dream The Dream - “Love King (Remix)”

“When a song is remixed such as this one, it allows listeners to become fans of a song they didn't like originally. I am not the fan of Love King but I am a fan of the Luda Remix. I enjoy Luda so much and am delighted that he is a consistent presence in mainstream. Luda does sexual songs so well and this remix is further proof of that. Dream delivers a better performance on this remix in comparison to the original. Only thing I would alter is the chorus - I know its a remix...everything screams remix so please be more creative in your hook and not repetitively tell me it's a remix.”

SoE's Rating:                     Posted on May 05, 2010
T-Pain T-Pain - “Save You”

“I'll take this song to Reverse Cowgirl any day!! Pain is humorous at his attempt to be sensual. I can't relate too much to the struggling stripper lifestyle but I appreciate T-Pain targeting an audience that is degraded by Hip-Hop and American Society. In my opinion you can't take this song too seriously; "Smelly Fat Dudes" is proof of that. Only T-Pain can pull this off and he does so very well”

SoE's Rating:                     Posted on May 04, 2010
Kid CuDi Kid CuDi - “Make Her Say ft. Kanye West & Common - ”

“What a cleaver sample of Lady Gaga. A-Trak turns this Pop icon into a perfect Hip-Hop contributor. The production is the highlight of this track. All artists deliver their talented skills impressively. My favorite out of the three was Common. "B*tch you should do it for the Love like Ray J." Classic! The turnable scratches and Gaga's piece at the end over the beat solidify the song for me. Hip-Hop being so versatile as it is, Cudi finds a way to freshen up the fun of Hip-Hop blending pop with Hip-Hop in a non nauseating way.”

SoE's Rating:                     Posted on May 04, 2010

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