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Name:   Philosiphize
Location: The T.Dot
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Drake Drake - “Best I Ever Had”

“"I'm so official, my shirts got no stripes but I can make that pussy whistle" Nuff said, BANGER”

Philosiphize's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 21, 2009
Rick Ross Rick Ross - “All I Really Want ft. The-Dream”

“Anyone giving low ratings to this track needs to listen to it a few more times or bump it in the ride. This track is bangs and is a sure radio hit with the Dream hook. The instrumentals on this are crazy and I'm definetly feeling the sitar, but just could just be my Indian background coming through. After listening to DTP I have to say Ross has stepped up his lyrical game, spitting enough sick lines to make Weezy fans turn. The whole album has an orchestra feel to it and the production team must be given credit....The only flaw I see in the album is that all Ross continues to rap about is sex, money, drugs and livin the life, which in some cases is great, and who doesn't want to ball out of control sometimes....but to really get to know a rapper you need some more retrospective or personal tracks in my opinion. I think he should have addressed the whole C.O. fiasco with a track.....speaking through music makes more people listen, stop rappin about the O's that you keep on flippin' or the girls you be pimpin, then the masses might forget what's written in those magazine clippin's.....Holla at cha bwoy!!!”

Philosiphize's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 17, 2009
Drake Drake - “Congratulations”

“"I hug and kiss the drumkick, put the beat in my back pocket and just sit....and you could neva be my ass pause...." Wow, does anyone really understand how crazy that line is...let's break it down people, if you were to sit on a beat (especially if you placed something in your back pocket) you would obviously crush it, and indeed Dreezy crushed this beat...and what would be that crushing utensil well that would be his ass, an ass (in other words lyrical content) that no one could ever match...WOW one more time.. Also liked "your dreams are what my reality are, I have your dream girl riding in your dream car..." T.Dot stand up!”

Philosiphize's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 24, 2009
G-Unit G-Unit - “Ridah (Pt. 2)”

“I see a lot of people gave this track a low rating. I think G-Unit fell off a bit and has developed a bit of bad rep in terms of quality with some of the below average rappers they are representing (40-Glocc, Spider Loc, etc) but the core rappers (namely 50 and Young Buck) are still doing what real rappers do, stay consistent in terms of quality and image. This track has got a Dre like beat (pretty close) and G-unit rides it all the way through on top, and the 50/T-pain part is some cool shit. Definetly bangin' in the ride.”

Philosiphize's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 09, 2008
C-Murder C-Murder - “One False Move ft. Akon”

“Been A long time Akon fan..Been to both concerts here in the T-Dot (That would be Toronto for anyone else). Got a chance to actually meet him at the afterparty (and it's true he doesn't drink) He took the time to meet as many people as he could.....back to the track the hook is hot as usual for an Akon joint and C-Murder surprised me on this one, nice joint. If you want another recent hot Akon joint which is not on the booth site yet, look for "Smalltime Gangster" by NOX feat. Akon.”

Philosiphize's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 30, 2008

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