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Name:   Tallismaniac
Location: UpSideYonder - on the 60th parallel
Interests: Rhymes. Beats. And the grind between.
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Join Date:          March 15, 2010

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Nottz Nottz - “Can't Hide the Truth ft. Kardinal Offishall & Cory Gunz”

“Nottz' beat and vox, as well as KO's vox are so tight that it makes up for CG's verse (which is a nice idea but it don't sit right) Nottz' vocals sit perfectly in the mix. KO's not as nicely - not talking flow and delivery, listen to the mix the air around the vox; the reverb is lifting them vocals right off track. GC's verse is worse for that. I would bet that these vocals were recorded in different booths with different mics, but what do I know. Anyway... back to my first though: Nottz' beat and vox, as well as KO's vox are so tight that it makes up for the third verse (which is a nice idea but...”

Tallismaniac's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 18, 2010
Dominique Larue Dominique Larue - “Batter Up”

“she is so dope on this! I like everything about this track. I'd like it better if she rocked both verses... not that dude ain't on point with the vox, just that she is on the next level with hers. I give it full marks anyway. I dig showing love.”

Tallismaniac's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 18, 2010
Gol' Dust Promo Photo Common Market - “Gol' Dust”

“Feelin' it or not, one must break down the elements: The beat is dope, sick, indeed! From the sound and weight of the kicks and snares... the horns. It simply rolls. The rhymes?! c'mon the rhyme schemes up in this joint's simply ridiculous matched by flawless delivery. The attitude and confidence of Ra Scion is stunning, as is his breath control would make KRS proud - no doubt about it. The only potential flaw - and one which cannot be held against the artisans is that the lyrical content is so deep and eloquent that perhaps it loses some of its accessibility. Problem is, if he dumbed it down folks would frown on that too. This is bangin' without a dictionary and with one it may be educational too. elements broken down... Feelin' it.”

Tallismaniac's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 18, 2010
Consequence Consequence - “Don't Stand So Close to Me”

“haha! Downloadin' as I write this. Love the Police lift-re-made chorus. I love it when rappers feature Djs and add cuts to their joints! Delivery is tight on this simple flow and rhyme scheme - the emotional infusion is on point and makes this one work for me. Good music, Thanks. I vacillate between 3.5 and 4. Gets the extra .5 as the chorus is so dope, and because I can play this with my seed in the room.”

Tallismaniac's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 16, 2010

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