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Work Out Promo Photo J. Cole - “Work Out”

“I love you J.cole but this is aiight, you're best song is LOST ONES!!!! go and check that out if you havent already... J.COLE LOST ONES! you will not be disappointed!!!”

Laa_vae!'s Rating:                     Posted on Jun 22, 2011
Fantasia Fantasia - “The Thrill Is Gone”

“i love this song and fantasias new abulm...AMAZING!”

Laa_vae!'s Rating:                     Posted on Sep 10, 2010
J. Cole J. Cole - “Premeditated Murder”

“J.cole is definitely the better emcee at Nathan S... Why? becase he spits about real issues we can all relate too koz he's lived it... i dont think drakes even ordered a meal from mcdonalds koz he's had chefs making fancy meals for him all his life haha ok im just being a hater now... still j.cole is not only better than drake but the best there is right now!!!”

Laa_vae!'s Rating:                     Posted on Sep 10, 2010
J. Cole J. Cole - “Blow Up”

“At JRthe Writer saying that he can be lazy at times and using the the gary cole line as the reference... i think that was the whole point of that stanza. To be as blunt as possible highlighting the fact that life is short so live it the best you truely can with not too many regrets...thats the interpretation i got outa this classic hit... i love you J.cole... so good to hear "substance" hip hop music =)”

Laa_vae!'s Rating:                     Posted on Sep 10, 2010
Brandon Hines Brandon Hines - “I'm in Love”

“he's so good!”

Laa_vae!'s Rating:                     Posted on May 25, 2010

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