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Name:   Casanoki
Location: The Netherlands
Interests: Urban Music, Swimming, Football
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DJ Khaled DJ Khaled - “All I Do Is Win (Remix)”

“Nice remix always good to have a song with so many stars in it. That way you see who is really good at this stuff and I like most of it, my favorite rap: Bustaaa Rhymesss”

Casanoki's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 30, 2010
B.o.B B.o.B - “Airplanes (Pt. 2)”

“Great to add Eminem to this track, the song has a nice dramatic vibe over it. 'I could really use a wish right now', perfectly fits in with what Eminem has been providing his public all those years. Great addition to an OK song.”

Casanoki's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 22, 2010
T-Pain T-Pain - “Save You”

“This is the best song from Freaknik the musical, when the song starts of you get that great feeling of relaxation. Song doesn't maintain that high level, but still 5 stars for turning that 1 min from the musical into a song like this.”

Casanoki's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 19, 2010
Omarion Omarion - “Last Night (Kinko's) (Remix)”

“Omarion didn't come up with many good songs after he left B2K. When you imagine meeting your dream girl next door accidentally at Kinkos and start listening this song the mood becomes quite sweet. Add-in Snoop and you actually get a song of Omarion that sets a great atmosphere for lying on your bed and dreaming about that one girl!”

Casanoki's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 14, 2010
T-Pain T-Pain - “Reverse Cowgirl”

“A more traditional T-Pain song, this is the kinda of stuff that made him big so he should stick to productions like this. Good one for the fans!”

Casanoki's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 14, 2010

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