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Name:   Treyboyy
Location: Blaine mn.
Interests: smokin poppin and snortin.
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No Love Promo Photo Eminem - “No Love”

“j darms or whatever you name is, your the dumbest person ive ever seen comment on here. lyrics are hip-hop. ppl like you are the reason hip-hop is dead. em and wayne both straight kill it. you try ti rhyme like that and actually make sense. exactly you cant cuz all you listen to is the beat and auto-tune. dont make no sense. and i bet you also think nas biggie and 2pac are lame. fuck you they are in the top 3 best lyricist if all time no matter what anybody says. em is up there too.”

Treyboyy's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 10, 2010
B.o.B B.o.B - “Airplanes (Pt. 2)”

“great song”

Treyboyy's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 21, 2010
B.o.B B.o.B - “Change Gonna Come ft. Charles Hamilton & Asher Roth”

“amazing track!!”

Treyboyy's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 12, 2010
Drake Drake - “Forever”

“everyone kils it this song is a classic. but dont get me wrong its old as fuck to me. i will not listen to this song anymore ive heard it WAYYYYYYYYY to many times to even like it.”

Treyboyy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 10, 2010
Nas Nas - “Hero ft. Keri Hilson”

“cant listen to it now cuz its suspended for some odd reason im sure but ive heard it and i kno that this song is most definatly a banger. and i was looking down thru everybodys ratings and i only saw one person who said this was trash, wtf is your problem this is a great song you just need to actually listen to the lyrics instead of just seeing what it sounds like. ppl need to understand the lyrics that they are listening to instead of just liking the flow of things. the sooner yall realize that then the sooner black ppl will get less annoying”

Treyboyy's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 09, 2010

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