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Name:   SimplyJay
Location: Richmond, VA     edit
Interests: Rapping, Soccer, Track, and Cooking    edit
URL:      edit
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Join Date:          March 1, 2010

Last Login:        November 30, 2011

Total Ratings:    119

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No Sleep Promo Photo D-Pryde - “No Sleep”

“Yo i fuqks wit this track good vibe definitely on my playlist!”

SimplyJay's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 27, 2011
Grafh Grafh - “It's Just Music”

“Good solid track!”

SimplyJay's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 27, 2011
Standout Promo Photo AWAR - “Standout”

“If Budden is on the track you know the dude has to be good cause Budden rarily does collabos nowadays great overall track”

SimplyJay's Rating:                     Posted on May 28, 2011
Joe Budden Joe Budden - “Dreamerz”

“Cant nobody do it like Joey. The rawness and the passion along with lyrics is priceless”

SimplyJay's Rating:                     Posted on May 24, 2011
Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt.3 (Closure) Promo Photo Joe Budden - “Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt.3 (Closure)”

“This is why Joe Budden is my boy you can hear the pure passion in his music everytime he steps to the mic. And he makes songs that he feels is necessary for people to hear. This dude is truely gifted wit his lyrics and delievery. He makes 6min and 7min songs like it aint nuthn and half of em dont even have a hook its just one big verse wich is a true testiment to itself cause most guys cant keep you engaged that long but wit Joe you just eager to hear what he is going to say next. Classic”

SimplyJay's Rating:                     Posted on May 04, 2011

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