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Dre-Ski Dre-Ski - “Music & Sound”

“First Off I wanna Say Big Ups to Dre-Ski.. He SLAYED this Beat.. MadMan you are F-in genius with the beats homeboy.. Yea I can maybe see how yall compare him to LUpe but I guess thats a great comparison becuz LUpe is hella Dope...I dont know if yall have taking the time to listen to Dre-Ski.. He's FROM VIRGINIA BEACH.. What VA. BEACH Rappers yall know to dat spittin this Dope. I can go on for Dayz.. This dude is lyrical and He can clearly switch up his flow on any track..LISTEN to his current mixtape "Calm Your Taste Budz" this dude is a versatile rapper..meaning he has the ability to appeal to the masses... Say what yall want but I AM A FAN.. Also big Up to Nike Nando for going in on the 2nd Verse”

djtoonice's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 27, 2010

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