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Name:   soulfullyreal
Location: NYC via CPT
Interests: Music Journalism, Singing, writing in general, films, poetry, etc
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Join Date:          January 6, 2010

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King Tut Promo Photo Swizz Beatz - “King Tut”

“It knocks, and i'm sure when Nathan said there were only 2 eric b/rakim references he was j/k, but i'm gonna write them out here (let me know if i miss any) because i'm bored at work. "You know i got beats, YOU KNOW I GOT SOUL" "MICROPHONE FIEND, I'm from the GHETTO " "FOLLOW THE LEADER, swizzy..." "Since '98 I been PAID IN FULL" "...MAHOGANY, Now i'm with Rakim allah" "you think that i'm "DAPPER DAN"(boutique owner & stylist from Harlem who dressed a lot of Hip Hop legends) "Swizzy FOR PRESIDENT, THINKING OF A MASTER PLAN" "the way that i get 'em, I LET THE RHYTHM HIT 'EM" "I AIN"T NO JOKE boy,..." "i don't fear nobody, COMPETITION IS NONE" "the R been known for his LYRICS OF FURY" "GODBODY flow, no judge no jury"”

soulfullyreal's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 11, 2010
Drake Drake - “Fancy (Remix)”

“i loved the original, and i love this version. Mary was on the original background as well, they just let her replace T.I. This was Mary's song originally (look it up). But yeah, still love it, though it is no better/worse than the original”

soulfullyreal's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 29, 2010
Ride Promo Photo Ciara - “Ride”

“Shit is hot, I'll smoke out to it this summa”

soulfullyreal's Rating:                     Posted on Jul 27, 2010
B.o.B B.o.B - “Gladiators”

“love both of them, and the beat is beyond hot. J.Cole is on the new THE SOURCE cover out in a few weeks too, bout time we recognize him, he has more potential than a lot of these up n comers...”

soulfullyreal's Rating:                     Posted on Mar 05, 2010
Lil Wayne Lil Wayne - “My Darlin' Baby”

“production is amazin,' great verses as well. real cute, i see teenage couples bumpin' this on valentines day, lol.”

soulfullyreal's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 10, 2010

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