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Lotus Flower Bomb Promo Photo Wale - “Lotus Flower Bomb”

“I feel it deserves more stars than just three. Coming from a female, this song is really smooth and I really can appreciate the way Wale is a gentleman on the track. It's refreshing to see that in this day of music!!!!”

SpeaknTruth's Rating:                     Posted on Oct 10, 2011
T-Pain T-Pain - “Reverse Cowgirl”

“I don't think it's anything wrong with autotune at all...look at Zapp Rogers and what a classic he is...I think it became a problem when everyone started FOLLOWING T-Pain footsteps...he was the first to reintroduce it to music and then everyone just ran with it... I think it suits him very well and he's great at what he does. He's a good writer (just my opinion) and his melodies be on point. And any song about riding it from the back gets 5 stars! Lol....”

SpeaknTruth's Rating:                     Posted on Feb 16, 2010
R. Kelly R. Kelly - “Pregnant”

“Ha! Loves this CD...for those of you that keep saying why he singing bout some shit like this...I know you dudes can feel him!! You ever been gettin it in with a chick and didn't want to pull out, LOL...I think that's what he gettin at! A chick you just want have your baby she so damn beautiful....And Robin Thicke a beast with that soprano....”

SpeaknTruth's Rating:                     Posted on Jan 22, 2010

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Jesus Piece Promo Photo Game - “Jesus Piece”

“If I could give him 10 stars I would. D.O.B trippin this album goes HARD AF! All the songs go well with the album title Church, All That (Lady), Hallelujah, Pray, See No Evil all JAMS!!! Club Songs, Real Songs, you got it all.”

SpeaknTruth's Rating:                   Posted on Dec 11, 2012

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