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All of Me Promo Photo Lloyd - “All of Me”

“Yeah, Lloyd! "All of Me" is an single that is certified for an actual album - no mixtape (make money with the track). This song offers a smooth R&B vibe and good lyrical content. I like the fact that Wale is actually "featured" on the track. There have been times in the past where Lloyd featured a rapper on a track....only to have them take over the track with their rhymes. This would annoy me because it would make him appear as either the background or featured artist on his own track - which was not good. Lloyd should always be the dominate presence on his tracks. Wale also showed true lyrical skill by making sure his rap was relevant to the topic Lloyd is singing about on the track. I hate when rappers get on R&B tracks and start rhyming about topics that have nothing to do with the track. In the end, this makes the rapper look either stupid or not having "listening skills". Wale does none of this and comes correct on the track. Now all Lloyd needs to do is offer this tune for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and other digital music retailers! I am ready to support but it's not available. Jump on it Lloyd! LOL”

UrbanSoul's Rating:                     Posted on Sep 12, 2012
Lloyd Lloyd - “Everyday”

“"Everyday" is another solid track from Lloyd. The message of staying positive during hard times is universal and definitely needed these days. Rich Boy's verse on the track was decent. However, I would have like to have only Lloyd on the song. A conscious rapper along the lines of Mos Def or Common would have also been good options for the song.”

UrbanSoul's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 26, 2009
Lloyd Lloyd - “Like Me”

“"Like Me" is a sold track with a strong beat and good lyrical content. The feature from Bun B also fits the song appropriately. I am feeling the emotional journey Lloyd takes his listeners on in the song. Big up to Lloyd on this one!”

UrbanSoul's Rating:                     Posted on Dec 26, 2009

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