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U.C.B. U.C.B. - “Diana”

“My thought process: 1. "Hmm...U.C.B. ft. Wale & Colin Munroe...let me listen." 2. "Wow! I really liked that. Let me listen to it again so I can find something wrong with it." 3. "Huh...still no complaints. Let me try again." 4. "Are you serious, Matt? Nothing?"”

Matty K's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 30, 2010
This Is Life [Premiere] Promo Photo Miami Beat Wave - “This Is Life [Premiere]”

“There are many tracks with inspirational/awareness messages like this one that fail because at times they don't even seem like the track's contributors believe what they're saying. With this, however, you can hear the sincerity.”

Matty K's Rating:                     Posted on Jun 30, 2010
Show Me Change Promo Photo ArtOfficial - “Show Me Change”

“This is one of those tracks that, after it ends, makes you take a breath like you just ran ten miles. High energy every second, but just enough to make you say "I gotta listen to that again."”

Matty K's Rating:                     Posted on May 06, 2010
Emanny Emanny - “Time Is Up”

“I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like at times Emmany's voice could easily be mistaken for Trey Songz'. That's a good thing, especially considering Trey's everywhere right now. I'm surprised he's unsigned (and with Jadakiss contributing? Really?)”

Matty K's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 14, 2010
Folkz Folkz - “The Waiting Line”

“For some reason, it seems like some thunder, lightning, and rain sound effects would have worked well in the backgroud. Even though both emcees do an excellent job, the production and hook are the highlights. The mood overpowers the message in this case.”

Matty K's Rating:                     Posted on Apr 07, 2010

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The Adventures of Bobby Ray  Promo Photo B.o.B - “The Adventures of Bobby Ray ”

“I was starting to get worried for a second; usually when an artist has so much hype built up around him, it seems like no matter how good the material he puts out is, it won't live up to everyone's expectations. I'm glad Bobby hasn't let anyone down yet (and I doubt he will). Nicki Minaj is another story, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there. This is an album that should have most people satisfied for a good while. Maybe B.o.B should get his Eminem on and take a five-year hiatus.”

Matty K's Rating:                   Posted on Apr 27, 2010

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