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Name:   NuhakaMan
Location: Aotearoa (New Zealand)     edit
Interests: Music, rugby, b'ball, writing    edit
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Join Date:          November 18, 2009

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R. Kelly R. Kelly - “Pregnant”

“Far out this song is so sexy I got pregnant just LISTENING to it! And I'm a GUY! Gotta give it to Kelz- he knows how to get erotic up in here. Imagine being a lady in the booth with those four steaming it up.”

NuhakaMan's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 28, 2009
Baby aka Birdman Baby aka Birdman - “Money To Blow”

“Is he a baby, a bird or a man? Who cares...coz Drake and Weezy make the song anyway. Birdman is just Mase with tattoos. Still he's richer than I'll ever be so he must be doing something right. Cool song though.”

NuhakaMan's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 19, 2009
Trey Songz Trey Songz - “I Invented Sex”

“I've got a song out too called "I'm Pretty Good At Sex." It's not quite as cool as this one, but it keeps it real for all the people who like to keep their sex to around 5-10 minutes, and who can only do a couple of different styles. The problem is I don't have a guest rapper on it yet, so Drake, if you're not busy and you want to jump on my song, holla. As for this song, it's pretty hot- four sexual stars. Do you think if Alexander Graham Bell did a song called "I Invented Telephone" it would be as sexy as Trey's Song?”

NuhakaMan's Rating:                     Posted on Nov 18, 2009

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